Oslo’s Newest Tribe – and it’s all about water!


We are the Oslo Water Tribe, and it’s no secret that we love water. Pretty much all we do is water-based, from kayaking, standup paddleboarding, to boat life (electric that is), jumping off heights into the water and of course, saunas! Not only do we love water activities, but we also care about keeping it clean! This means you can find us out and about picking up rubbish out of the Oslo Fjord and Akersleva River and trying to figure out solutions to tackle the immense (but not impossible to fix) marine pollution challenges! We want to tackle life’s challenges head-on, no quarter given and no surrender. Life is short and we must create own meaning for it to be a worthwhile trip. So why not spend it with good people, fighting the good fight, having ridiculous amounts of fun, and not taking it all too seriously – I mean it is already serious enough, right?! 😉

Who we are, where we are at now, and what we stand for


To date, we have banded together with several like-minded organisations and companies who share our passion for water pursuits, and our vision for a greener, more accessible and active all-year-round waterside! This group is for everyone who wants to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, wants to connect with likeminded and down to earth people, and most importantly, be included in an urban tribe that has your back! Too often in modern-day society, we see loneliness and lack of connection bringing people to the brink of despair – this is because we live in such a fast-paced and individualistic world! What we need is a resurgence in tribal behaviour – and I’m not just talking about painting ourselves with charcoal and chanting around campfires, although that is also fun – so that we can reconnect back to ourselves and realign our modern lifestyles to fit with our true human nature.

Our beliefs:

  • Humans are happier being part of a close-knit community that share commons goals and beliefs.
  • Humans can benefit immensely by reconnecting with nature.
  • There are a lot of people who have no family connections and only a few friends that would benefit hugely from being part of a supportive and caring tribe.
  • A lot of people don’t feel comfortable being themselves because they don’t have the proper environment to drop their shoulders and feel it’s ok – well how could I say it better than – to BE WEIRD!!
  • If humans do feel connected, cared for, and happy, they are more likely to treat members outside of their tribe in a nicer manner.

Companies and organisations sharing our goals and vision

From paddling to environmental festivals, floating saunas and ocean cleaning technology companies – we all fight for a greener and more inclusive future!

Photos of us enjoying life on and beside the water

What does the future hold for us?

The future is uncertain and always has been (with or without the coronavirus), but one thing we know – it’s going to be fucking awesome! Call positivity cheesy all you like but the way we see it you have two options: 1 The world is fucked but I’m still going to fight and make the best out of it. 2. The world is fucked so why care? One is an attitude of success, determination and the indomitable human spirit and the other is defeatism and nihilism – which one will give you a happier life I wonder? Now, with that out of the way, the future for our tribe is one when we all work together for a common cause and strive (and support each other) to become to best humans we can be! And to create a place where we can feel at peace and comfortable to be ourselves. Whether you are old, young, poor, rich, skinny, fat gay, straight, black, white – there is a place for you in our tribe and we hope to see you soon!

Videos of us in action!

Paddling and what not!

Cleanups and boat life!

Sauna life!

To finish with

Thanks for reading. Hope you are fired up to join in the fun!

My name is Tomas Hansson and I am the owner of Mad Goats AS, co-owner of GreenBoats AS and the co-founder of the Akerselva Padleklubb. I love with meaningful business that creates a positive impact for both society and the environment.

You can get in touch with me by email: consulting@tomashansson.com, or by phone: +47 98677019

Catch you on the water! 🙂

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