Have you ever been on an overnight kayak trip ? Well in todays blog, we are going to go through an overnight kayak trip adventure. My name is Bryce, and I work for the marketing team at Green Boats and Mad Goats Oslo. I wanted to share my thoughts on the tour, and give you the best tips and tricks I used for my overnight kayak trip.

The course and trip

Every second weekend, Mad Goats coordinates an overnight tour from Lysaker to a little island called Borøya, off the coast of Sandvika. I have never camped overnight via a kayak trip, and I thought why not give it a go.

Kongen ferry in Oslo fjord.

What to pack ?

The course would commence on Saturday morning at 10 am. Because many people have never done this before. A few nights before the course, we were sent a link from Mad Goats instructor Tony Waters. The link was a great resource for myself, as it had everything you need to pack and how to pack for an overnight kayak trip.

Overnight kayak trip packing guide.

So on Friday evening, I went to Meny and XXL and shopped all the necessary things I would needed for my overnight kayak trip. I followed all the instructions Tony had recommended and all the food and drinks necessary to maximise my kayak experience. I was super excited to not only have a nice paddle but the opportunity to stay overnight. The only question was, “Should I camp or swag up in a hammock?”.

Since I’m all new to the overnight camping in the forest thing. And yes, I know it’s a huge thing in Norway. But you gotta start somewhere right… Anyway back to the point, I wanted go with the option of hammocking overnight.

The reason been for this is that I’ve never done it before, and it seemed super chill and cozy to hammock right next to the waterside. So a few days before I went to XXL, and shopped my very first Hawaiian style hammock. It had a very tropical and flowery vibe to it 🙂

The morning of

So Saturday morning came around, I had all my gear and food ready to go for the overnight kayak trip. The bus was probably the most annoying part, as I had to carry all the gear and food with me.

We arrived at the Lysaker base camp for our start to the trip. For the course, we had roughly 10 others taking part. It was quite cool also to see what others had brought and how they were going to pack their kayak. You can see more of the trip through our video below.

Tony our instructor gathered us around, who explained: what was expected, where we were going, our plans and outlooks for the day, and what training we would do later. Next step was to unload the kayaks and take them to the beach front. This would be the test to see how well we could pack our kayaks with our gear and food.

The beginning

Packing the kayak

I’m not going to lie, Tony’s guidelines sure made it look easy. But it was a little challenging to fit everything. So it did take a couple times to pack away correctly. But it was a success and a few tight squeezes.

It was super convenient I thought to have lots of water, so I brought 5 big water bottles, that was about 1 litre each. Packed a lot of dry foods or food that I could re use throughout both days. I didn’t have any tuppleware or cooking goods. Also I wanted to be light and still have plenty of food though.

You can’t finish the evening without a little chocolate. So I also packed a bar of melkskjolade from Freia, Yummay!

The journey

After everyone had packed all their gear away and was ready. We set out onto our kayaking tour from a beach at Lysaker. We went past some beautiful locations along the way, and even had a beautiful view of the Lysaker new office buildings.

It was about 2 hours of paddling, so we stopped at a nice little beach to have some lunch and a quick toilet break if needed. The beach we stopped at was Holden brygge. We all smashed down some lunch and took a quick wizz, then it was back onto the kayaks to explore some more.

Kayaking along the coastline of Møkkalassene, was awesome. I didn’t even know how unique and even modern some of the houses were. If I had enough money, maybe one day I could own one …

If you watch the video below, you will see that we entered a nice little bay around from Møkkalassene, named the Kongshaven. Super cool houses here, and it had a great vibe to it.

Our guide Tony Waters leading the way on the overnight kayak trip

We then entered a little cove around the corner from Kongshavn. Where we came across a little boat traffic. We had to wait a few minutes for some boats to pass by, and then we made a dash across the ocean to the other side. Not going to lie, the arms were starting to feel the pain of a whole day of paddling. Tony ensured us that we weren’t too far and kept us focus to push until the finish line.

The arrival

We had arrived at the island, and everyone could definitely feel it in their body. We made sure all the kayaks were brought up shore, so they wouldn’t float away.

Everyone started to unpack and take all the goods and gear to their chosen locations. I found a nice little spot next to the water. Super glad I brought the hammock, this was because whilst everyone was setting up their tents, it took them some time to set it up. For me it only took 5 minutes max. I highly recommend using a hammock for quick use and cozy vibes.

Once camp was set up for the night, we then had to finish the second part of our course. This part went through basic training of kayaking. This included techniques for: paddling, steering, getting back in a kayak if you fall out, how to help a friend get back in if they fall out. You can see more of this in the video below.

Dinner and camp

Oh yes, dinner time. My belly was rumbling and I was ready to dig into my dinner. I brought a pre grill pack, so I have my own little BBQ vibe. I brought with me some Italian style sausages to smoke on the ‘barbie’. After 10 minutes of some solid cooking, it was necessary to wrap it up in some ‘lomper’, Norwegian style.

Everyone sat around my camp spot and cooked up their dinner. It was great because we got to know each other a little more and share stories and experiences.

After some dinner, it was time to whip out the chocolate. I thought I deserved it, especially after a long day of paddling.

Sleeping in a hammock

So it was time to get to bed. The belly was full, we had plenty of awesome stories shared. But now, it was time to test the hammock and see how comfy it could be.

It is something special about laying in a hammock under the stars. Taking a moment to reflect and gaze up upon the stars. The night was calm, not much wind in the air. I had this amazing hole in the roof of the trees, that gave me a beautiful view under the stars.

As you know or didn’t know until now, Norway’s summer days are super long. So I made sure I brought an eye mask to help me get the proper rest I needed.

I had finished watching the night sky, and it was time to rest up and put down the eye mask. I zipped up my sleeping bag and got super cozy. Slipped on the mask and the next thing I knew it was 2am in the morning…

What I didn’t know about the hammock was you could stretch out your legs quite wide. So basically all night I had remained in a pin position, and definitely felt in my body at 2 am. Basically I was trying to not fall out, as it was my first time. Well, after that I got the hang of it and really stretched out the body to get some more rest.

Morning after

8 am and feeling fresh. After the 2 am wake up, I got the rest I needed and felt pretty good in the morning. I mean nothing beats sleeping in your bed. But the experience of ham-mocking overnight is well worth it.

I noticed people here and there after I woke up starting to gather themselves from their sleep. Most people came over to my camp spot and we started conversing whilst we prepared brekky.

I had packed some of Tony’s famous tortilla wraps that he mentioned in his guide. Smashed down a few of them, a banana and lots of water to prepare for the next tour.

Everyone after brekky started to pack up their gear and stuff to re – pack the kayaks. Let me say, you could definitely feel it the next morning, after all the paddling the day before.

We went through a bit of a briefing on some ocean awareness and kayak basic tips, and then we were off again.

The final stretch

Since we had taken the same route from the day before, everyone knew what was needed to power home. From my experience this was nice, as I could power off in some stages but also relax in other parts. Especially when you have a beautiful view along the way.

We made a half way stop at a beach just off from Møkkalassene. Was quite fun also to rock onto a beach via kayak. Had some lunch, and a load of water to prepare us for the final stretch of the tour. Btw, you can watch all the tour through the video below.

So we passed by Lysaker office complex, and yes I had my eyes set on the finish line. After all the paddling, touring, and sightseeing, I had my mind on a nice warm shower and cookies. Yes cookies…

We had arrived and all the attendees could feel it. After we unpacked the kayak, we washed all the kayaking gear and kayaks. Packed everything away and said our goodbyes.

To sum it all up I had an awesome time touring with this group. I also learnt a lot of tips and tricks for kayaking that I can apply in my future kayak trips. I want to say a huge thank-you to Tony for helping me out with his how to pack guide. Also a big thanks from the mad goats team to help support my trip with the goats.

Full overnight kayak trip video

Overnight kayak trip Youtube

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