Om oss

3 årstider gjort og støvet – 2018 og i et nøtteskall!

Vi på Mad Goats handler om kontinuerlig forbedring og presser oss til å bli bedre. Her er noen av høydepunktene og endringene som skjedde gjennom sommersesongen. Vi vil også gjerne si en stor takk til alle som kom med kajakk med oss, og til alle våre samarbeidspartnere: Gooddog, Youwish, VisitOslo, Hav-Eiendom, Norges Padleforbudt, OSI elvepadling, Oslo Elvesportklubb, Dway fra Tv2 – Oh, og resten av deg! <3


  1. Moving operations to Nittedal 

  2. First NPF-Sikkerhetskurs in Hønefoss 

  3. So much teambuilding! 

  4. Change in ownership and management 

  5. First NPF-Teknikkurs in Sjoa 

  6. Major voluntary Akerelva clean-up with Miljø de Grønne and Plast Norge

  7. Future plans!  

Moving the kayak school to Nittedal

Unfortunately, last year we had to move from beside the Opera House due to Hav-Eiendom needing the space for construction purposes. Luckily we found a place out in Nittedal to base ourselves so we could continue operations. Because of the move, we had to drive in and out of Oslo a lot, which was not ideal, but we are Mad Goats and don’t let small obstacles get in our way – that is what horns are for after all! 

First NPF-Sikkerhetskurs at Randselva/Hønefoss

After completing the NPF Videregående-Elv course, Tomas our head-instructor could finally certify students on the NPF-Sikkerhetskurs. If you are wondering what this is, it is the next step after the NPF Grunnkurs-Elv. The course runs over two-days (16hrs) and teaches a solid set of basic river-safety skills. The aim is to establish awareness around the safety aspect of whitewater water kayaking and also to give students the motivation to continue working on their skills after completion of the course. It is enough to say that the course was a real success, with students coming away feeling more confident in their ability to stay safe out there on the river. Remember, if you don’t have to worry about having inadequate safety skills then you can concentrate on having more fun – and that’s what it is all about, right?! 

So much teambuilding this summer!

This summer we had many companies/organizations coming to us for team-building. It makes sense really, kayaking is the perfect combination of pushing your own limits, while also needing to be there for each other. We even had one company book 3 NPF Introkurs-Hav with us. That was around 30 people in total! Teambuilding groups are always a pleasure to take kayaking as they already work well together, have a lot of positive energy, and most importantly, they follow instructions! 😉

Full Mad Goat take-over of ownership and management

This year Tomas (the Mad Goat himself) bought the entire company and is now the sole owner. This move was a long time in the making and because of this you can expect to see a lot more fun antics, including extreme stunts, funny videos, more voluntary environmental/social work and Mad Goats reaching its true potential as a kayak-school! From now, Tomas will be working more with administration work and instructing the more advanced courses: Teknikkurs-Hav and Elv, Sikkerhetskurs and Eskimo-rolling. That means that there will be a full-time position available next year for a lucky goat! 

First NPF-Teknikkurs held in Sjoa 

In the beginning of September, Mad Goats ran their first ever Teknikkurs-Elv in Sjoa. The Teknikkurs comes after you have completed the Sikkerhetskurs. We had 6 enthusiastic and fun students and I believe we all learnt a great deal. During the first day, we paddled the Sjoa Normal section (grade 3) and then headed up to paddle Åsengjuvet (grade 3+) which was at a nice and easy low flow. Stay tuned for courses next year; we will probably be holding one at the beginning and one at the end of the season! The smoother you paddle the better it feels! 


Akerselva clean-up with Miljø de Grønne and Plast Norge

Mad Goats are super proud to have finally organised a proper clean up event down Akerselva! We have always been picking up rubbish on our way down when running commercial trips but it just never felt like we were making much of an impact. As you can see from the photo we managed to really get a good pile of trash out of the river and not only that but I feel like we have created more awareness about the plastic crisis we are facing. Thank you, members from the Miljø de Grønne for participating, to PlastNorge (this guy is really doing wonderful things for the planet) and everyone else who joined. It is our hope next year to set up regular voluntary cleanup events throughout the season, to keep this beautiful river (an amazing asset to Oslo city) clean and fresh!


Future plans!  

Over the winter we will be working hard on improving our website: translating the page to English and creating a more user-friendly experience when booking trips & courses. We will be having a fun competition coming up in the end of November along with posting out a lot of fun and original Mad Goat Christmas videos!  You will also have the chance to order Christmas gift cards from us for use next summer. We believe – more than ever now – in the age of consumerism that buying a material object that people don’t really need is not good for us or the planet. On the other hand, a meaningful shared experience can give you and your loved ones precious memories for a lifetime. Last but not least we would like to say a big thank you to Berit and Christian for helping us with storage applications to Oslo Kommune for next year. It is our hope that we can have our container within the Ring 3 and still operate down beside the Opera House. Because Mad Goats offer so much more than just paid services we have a strong belief that this will be recognized and everything will work out as planned. Our motto is that a positive attitude can overcome all obstacles! 

Thanks for reading our blog guys! Please get in touch ( if there is anything you are wondering about – kayaking related or not! I am going to leave a funny video that Dway from TV2 made from his trip down Akerselva with us this summer!


Take care and enjoy your life! BÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆHHH! 

– Tomas Hansson