Viking Rowing - Rowing Back in Time

Viking Rowing was recently founded by Marius Løkse who runs the organisation Åretak (meaning “oar stroke”), which was started in 2010. Åretak is an adventure enterprise & rowboat school in Oslo, featuring authentic boatmanship tracing back to the viking era! During the last decade, Åretak has been training top-level sportsmen, scouts, youths and folk of all ages and backgrounds.

The Norwegian faerings  are wooden boats, built for two rowers, around 17 feet long. These boat designs are authentically Norwegian, and living masterpieces of a viking heritage!

The beautifully streamlined construct is light to row and fit for all weather, winds & waves. All boats that we use are authentic designs, and perfectly suited for use along Norwegian coastline!

We offer a basic product of social rowing tours, exploring with guidance, around the innermost branch of the Oslo Fjord. Also courses, rentals and custom events – let’s row like a viking!

What we do

Join us for some Viking rowing in Bjørvika, the “hotbed” of Oslo. Where Viking vibes meet the pulsing urban atmosphere, featuring the green city development! We have many years experience of high quality culture and history performances.

Åretak use all authentic traditional boats, faerings from the coast of Norway. We offer all kind of spectacular viking boat events! This is indeed a social, icebreaking and team building activity, that will teach you a lot of Norwegian behaviour as well as ancestral history!

History: Faerings are clinker-built, with planks overlapped and riveted together to form the hull.This type of boat has a history dating back to Viking-era Scandinavia.The small boats found with the 9th century Gokstad ship resemble those still used in Western and Northern Norway, and testify to a long tradition of boat building.Faerings may carry a small sail, traditionally a square sail.

You and your group can choose between different menus of viking rowing, combined with local history, authentic flute whistling, story telling and what ever your heart desires.
French red wine can be served at the nearby beach, as well as shanties and folk music from the coast.

All our guided trips and local “micro adventures” have an explicit eco- friendly and sustainable profile.

“Rettest ror gir kortest fjord” – proverb meaning straitest rowing makes the shortest fjord. Hope to see you soon!