Viking Rowing - Rowing Back in Time

Viking Rowing was originally named Åretak (meaning “oar stroke”), and was founded in 2010. Åretak was an adventure enterprise & rowboat school in Oslo, featuring authentic boatmanship tracing back to the viking era! During the last decade, Åretak has been training top-level sportsmen, scouts, youths and folk of all ages and backgrounds.

The Norwegian faerings  are wooden boats, built for two rowers, around 17 feet long. These boat designs are authentically Norwegian, and living masterpieces of a viking heritage!

The beautifully streamlined construct is light to row and fit for all weather, winds & waves. All boats that we use are authentic designs, and perfectly suited for use along Norwegian coastline!

We offer a basic product of social rowing tours, exploring with guidance, around the innermost branch of the Oslo Fjord. Also courses, rentals and custom events – let’s row like a viking!