Flytende Badstue i Moss!

Yes goats, Moss finally has it’s own floating sauna, AKA Moss har endelig fått sin egen flytende badstue!! We at Mad Goats think there should be a big “woo-to-the-fucking-hoo” by all sauna and badstu lovers in Moss and Østfold, because believe it or not, it ain’t that easy to set up a floating sauna business in Norway! Ps, you can book your Badstue i Moss experience right here, right now because YOLO, but hopefully for a very long time if you regulary use the sauna!

Hvor ligger badstuen vår i Moss

Look guys, I know we are not Norwegian but at least we are writing the titles in Norsk – this must count for something, right?! Anyway, if you want to know where our sauna is located in Moss then look no further –

Our badstue i Moss is located very centrally and most people don’t know that Moss is only 1hr away from Oslo using public transport! This is going to be even less in the near future when the new train line is finished, meaning it will only take 30mins to get to Moss from Oslo – pretty awesome right?!

Den beste badstuopplevelsen i Norge

I know that this is a big and bold claim to make, but life is subjective right? – and it is our very goaty and subjective opinion that our Badstue i Moss is not only the best sauna in Norway, but also the best sauna in the entire galaxy. And if aliens were to ever visit planet earth, then they would wholeheartedly agree with us!

If you share out opinion then, we would kindly, please, and thank you, ask for a glowing review on our Google maps profile, as it helps others find our sauna and enjoy life as much as you have!


Følg Moss Badstu på Instagram!

If you want to stay updated about sauna life in Moss then follow @mossbadstue where you will find up to date info and how to book your badstu opplevelser i Moss! Please feel free to tag us if you wish, so that we can share your sauna experience on our channels – it is all about sharing the love, right!?


Check out this dope drone video of our Badstue i Moss!

Shout out to other saunas in Moss and Oslo

Mad Goats is not afraid to promote other saunas in Moss, Oslo or Norway – a rising tide lifts all ships. We believe in having having a growth mindset, where everyone can win if they work hard enough! Our badstue i Moss does not have to be the only sauna in Moss, that would be boring!

For this reason, we would like to promote Moss Kurbadstue, another awesome floating sauna in Moss. You can find more about Moss Kurbadstue here –

And while we are thanking people, we would like to thank Moss i Sentrum and their counterparts Visit Østfold, Moss Havn and Moss Kommune for working with us to make sauna life in Moss a reality!

Moss is really becoming a really cool town in Norway, and we can see why, with all these cool sauna activities, beautiful nature and a welcoming vibe!

Mad Goats offers a lot more than just saunas

Mad Goats also offers kayaking courses, tours and sauna in Oslo and Sjoa. We are best known for our famous Akerselva kajakktur, våttkort courses and our whitewater kayaking activities up in Heidal  on the Sjoa River. We specialise in team building and utdrikningslag events but also provide public and private activities. If you would like to browse all our activities then you can visit our homepage –

Here are some videos from our Youtube channel depicting goat life in Oslo and Sjoa


Get involved in cleaning up Oslofjord with Fjord CleanUP


Lastly, if you are looking for an awesome organisation to get involved with, we have to recommend, the one and only, Fjord CleanUP.  Here is a small snippet from their webpage:

“Every week, all through the year, volunteers gather to clean marine waste from the Oslofjord. We freedive, kayak, SUP and walk to pick trash from the waterfront, in the water, and under water.

Our cleanups are the core foundation of what we do as an organisation. However, we also work on collaborations with scientists and researchers interested in the marine environment, entrepreneurs developing automated cleaning solutions and/or trash scanning technology, and other events or projects related to making the oceans cleaner and healthier.”

Fjord CleanUP is a voluntary non-profit and anyone who wants to take action to clean up Oslofjord is welcome to join. Find out more about Fjord CleanUP on their webpage or follow them on Instagram!!

As you see we believe in a healthier, cleaner and Kinder Planet!

…and that all starts in your backyard, so join us for sauna, kayaking, cleaning, and  growing seaweed. Let’s together make this world a better place, and that all starts from change within ourselves – let’s goat!! #GOATLIFE

We hope to catch you at our Badstue i Moss! Maaaeh!

If you are interested in reading more about Mad Goats vision then you can read about our history and how we goat to where we are today – it sure has been a wild ride! Here is a short excerpt to get you stared:

“ Mad Goat’s mission is to provide joy on the water, whether that’s jumping into the Oslo Fjord after a hot sauna, or exploring the Oslo islands and city waterfront by kayak or stand up paddle board – it achieves the same result!

We live and breathe our profession and want to share our passion and joy with you! We guarantee many smiles, and lots of laughs while pushing you to jump out of your comfort-zone (in a safe environment) and embrace the goat life. “ 

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