Kayak Eskimo Rolling Course – in Oslo

A party trick as well as a safety procedure. Not a bad combo, right? This is precisely why you should learn to eskimo role if you are keen to become a paddler. During this 2 hour course on Sognsvann lake in Oslo, you will learn the techniques you need to be able to carry out the eskimo role.


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kr 900,- for first-time students,
kr 450,- for those who can already role but who want to fine-tune
This courses takes 2 hours
Sognsvann lake in Oslo (see the map below)
Max 8 people
– 4 first-time students
– 4 who just want to practice
Option for kayak and clothing rental (kr 150,-)

Here is where we meet: Sognsvann parkering

Just how simple is an eskimo role, you ask? Some are able to role by the end of the course, and hats off to them! However, most need more practice in the kayak before they are able to master it. Instructor Tomas Hansson specialises in teaching eskimo roles, and ensures that you feel safe and secure each time. He makes the course interactive, personal and suited to your skill level.

You can rent kayaks, clothing, spray decks and paddles for the course for kr 150,-. We have both river and sea kayaks.

Bring a woollen base layer, a towel and shoes you don’t mind getting wet – you will understand why the moment you self-capsize!

We hold a course every Wednesday throughout the summer. Otherwise, the course must be carried out as a private lesson.

Pricing for the course: kr 900,-
Kayak and clothing rental: kr 150,-

To be able to give you all the time you need to learn to eskimo role, this course can take privately (from kr 700,-). See pricing for private lessons here.

Contact us for more info and booking:  kontakt@madgoats.no



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Sognsvann Parking

Utrolig gøy opplevelse å padle kajakk ned Akerselven. Proffe og flinke instruktører. Anbefales på det varmeste.

Katarina Rönning
Katarina Rönning

Jeg fikk Padletur på Akerselva til bursdag av kjæresten min. Helt super opplevelse. Anbefales!

Geir Skaret
Geir Skaret

Sønnen min på 13, hans onkel på besøk fra utlandet og jeg hadde en fantastisk tur ned Akerselva fra Grunerparken ved Mathallen og ut til Operaen. En god opplevelse og en annen måte å oppleve Akerselva og padling på. Anbefales varmt!! MadGoats er gode på det de gjør 🙂

Kåre Ivar Gauksrud
Kåre Ivar Gauksrud