Fjord clean ups – One step closer to making a better and more beautiful environment. Team building, fun and helping the planet – all at the same time!

Fjord clean ups is a new concept we will offer in 2020. Put simply, we will go kayaking or stand up paddling on Akerselva or Oslo Fjord while picking up rubbish. We will also create a cool video of the days adventure, so you can share your experience and motivate others!

Activity with Meaning!

Info about fjord clean ups.

Believe it or not, 25% of the total activity price will be donated to an environmental organisation in Oslo that is working to clean up the Oslo Fjord! – Let me repeat “25% of the total activity price will be donated” This will be published on our social media and your company will receive credit for personally taking action and donating to a good cause. This is a great chance for us to help you improve your companies green profile, as it is becoming increasingly important that companies embrace a greener business model – let’s kickstart your green shift!

Mad Goats paddling has a pretty great environmental track record and we believe we owe this to genuinely caring about the health of Oslo’s waterways. We have been cleaning up trash and promoting greener business since the very start and now we want to help other companies get on board – and reap the same benefits. Also we are working very closely with Hold Norge rent, through our weekly clean ups. We help provide them with data and statistics which go towards a better plan for the future of a greener environment.

Price Examples

2 hours paddling and activities on the Akerselva River.
2 hours paddling and activities on the Oslo Fjord.
+ 200NOK per person per hour for private activities over 2hrs
5-6 People


NOK pr person
7-11 People


NOK pr person
12-20 People


NOK pr person
21-35 People


NOK pr person

Do something truly Green

Customers are waking up to the fact that their purchases are affecting the climate and the health of the environment. If you can show that you are actually doing something to make a difference, we can guarantee you will be noticed – and rewarded!

This experience combines team-building for both the individual and group with green profiling – it’s the best combo you could ask for. When people decide to take action and do something good for others or the planet they experience a real mental boost. This will translate to a happier and more functional work environment – do good, feel good!

We can also combine with free-diving and floating saunas – let’s make this a day to go down in company history!