Electric boat rentals: Green Boats finds traditional Norwegian boats and converts them to electric

By using sustainable technologies combined with up-cycling old designs, Green Boats aims to create cleaner waters, activate waterfronts, and make boat life accessible to all.

At Green Boats anyone can rent out an electric boat and get out on the Fjord. Bring friends and family for a wonderful, quiet and scenic trip around Oslo.

  • No boat licence required (be the captain of your own voyage)
  • Boats seat up to 9 people
  • Pre-booking and drop-in
  • Location: Aker Brygge, Oslo

Contact Green Boats for booking

Activity examples:
– Staff events
– Bachelor parties
– Friend and family groups
– Clean up events (picking up ocean plastic)

1 hour

Kr. 600,-

2 hours

Kr. 1100,-

3 hours

Kr. 1500,-

Full day (8hrs)

Kr. 3000,-