Wetcard (Våttkort)


Do you need a våttkort to rent a kayak?

Yes. Most kayak companies in Norway will require you to have a våttkort to rent a kayak and go paddling without a guide. At Mad Goats we allow you to rent kayak from us as long as one person in the group has their våttkort, however we recommend that everyone has a våttkort.

What is a våttkort?

A våttkort is NPF’s course and certification system for paddling in Norway. NPF certified instructors can issue the relevant våttkort on completion of a kayaking or pack rafting våttkort course. (In practice you get one card and a new sticker for each course.)

How do I get a våttkort?

You will be issued a våttkort on completion of any NPF våttkort course. Most kayakers or pack rafters start with the 3-hour Sea Kayaking Introduction Course or the 5-hr Whitewater kayaking/pack rafting course. If you are planning to rent a sea kayak further north, such as in Lofoten, you will probably need a minimum of a 14-hour Sea Kayaking Basic Course.

Are there different types of våttkorts?

Lots! All different types of paddling activities are covered, such as whitewater kayaking and packing, sea kayaking, flat water and canoeing, with the exception of stand up paddling, which technically falls under surfing due to its Hawaiin roots – so no, you do not need a våttkort to rent a SUP board from us!

I’ve lost my våttkort!

NPF can issue you a replacement. Send an email including your name and address to post@padleforbundet.no

Do you offer pack rafting?

Yes, pack rafting has started to become very popular in Norway due to pack raft being light to carry and very stable on the water, allowing everyone to enjoy Norways amazing whitewater rivers while feeling safe and secure – get in touch if you want to try out pack rafting with us up in Sjoa, Heidal. Mad Goats offers both beginner pack rack våttkort courses and tours!

Are the courses in English?

All our public courses are taught in English. If you would like to arrange a private course or tour to be taught in Norwegian, please get in touch by emailing kontakt@madgoats.no

Paddling Equipment


Will you provide a wetsuit?

For most of our courses, we provide wetsuits in the summer and drysuits in the winter. The general rule is when the water temp gets over 12 degrees we make the switch, usually sometime in May.

For more advanced courses we assume you have your own kayaking equipment, but if not, you can rent from us for a small fee.

What do I need to bring?

For all rentals and tours, we provide a SUP or kayak, life vest, and paddle as a minimum. For kayak rental, we also include a spray skirts. For river tours we also provide a helmet. We always recommend dressing appropriately for the time of year and weather conditions. If you are joining our Akersleva Kayak Tour, we recommend wearing rain pants if you do not want to get wet – water can sometimes splash into the area.

Do you have double kayaks?

No. All of our kayaks are single kayaks. When renting a SUP, you can take a dog or small child with an adult.

Can I paddle in winter?

Yes, we love kayaking all year! You need to have a våttkort and wear a drysuit (which we include in our winter kayak rentals).

I have booked a course that involves camping. Do I need to bring my own tent?

Yes, you need to bring all your own camping gear. All your gear needs to fit in a kayak – please see How to pack for an overnight kayak trip for helpful tips! We have dry bags you can borrow if needed.



Do you cancel tours if it rains?

No! Paddling is just as fun in the rain. Bring waterproofs and we promise you will have a blast.



What do I need to bring?

Two towels (one to sit on), lots of drinking water and swim wear. If you would like it steamy, bring extra drinking water to throw some on the stones – but please never put saltwater on the sauna oven!

Do you offer memberships?

Currently Mad Goats only has one sauna at Tjuvholmen so we are only offering pre-booked slots at our public sessions or private bookings. If you are a hardcore regular sauna lover who likes to go many times per week, and are looking for a great value community sauna, then check out Oslo Fjord Sauna run by our partners Fjord CleanUP.



I’m new to Oslo and would like people to paddle or sauna with…

We feel you. Most of us are from other countries too. That’s why we have a Facebook group called Mad Goats Tribe – become a member, introduce yourself and arrange trips with fellow paddlers. Our public sauna is also a great place to get to know new people in a relaxed and happy environment. We would also recommend joining the Fjord CleanUP voluntary clean up events where you will meet lots of positive and friendly people – and get to help clean up Oslo!