Why You Should Paddle With Mad Goat’s Kayak School?

If you wish to learn to paddle kayak, you should have a good first experience on the water. We’ll make sure – and here are 6 reasons why you should choose us.


Central location in the heart of Oslo

Mad Goats Kayak School operates from just outside the Opera House in Oslo, it is a short distance from the city center to fun on the water.


Free kayak loan and clothing

The only kayak school in Oslo where you can borrow kayak specific clothing on courses. There is no bad weather, just bad clothes. The phrase is especially true when you, as beginner kayakers, are going out into deep water and potentially wet conditions. Professional paddlers invest in expensive paddle equipment: Kayaks, oars, wetsuits, waterproof jackets, gloves and headgear. That you should have to pay for the same equipment just to attend our kayak courses, is unnecessary. But since proper kayaking equipment keeps you warm and safe, we feel obliged. Therefore, you will always be provided with professional equipment from us when you book a kayak course or kayak trip. We keep you warm, dry and comfortable so you can enjoy your time on the water. Also on the kayak courses, private training or eskimo roll courses, which do not include free loans, we have equipment you can borrow – for just a small sum.


The safer you are the more fun you can have

A little scary to try something new? Safety is the most important thing when you join us on a trip. Once you know you are safe, you will have a much better time in the kayak. We require all our kayak instructors to have updated first aid courses. During the kayak courses, the instructors also prioritise teaching you how to save yourself and others. Although this is not a requirement for the intro course, we believe that it is such an important skill that we learn it as an extra service for everyone who joins us. Then you have greater freedom if in the future you want to rent a kayak and go out on your own.


The best kayak instructors

Maybe this is your first encounter with a kayaking? Then it is important for us to give you a good experience, and the quality of the time we have together is therefore very important to us. We make high demands of our instructors. You can therefore rest assured that all course instructors and tour guides have a lot of experience and strong leadership skills, that they have completed comprehensive first aid courses and can make Eskimo rolls when required. If you are heading into new waters, there will probably be some questions. Our instructors are committed to helping you in every way. You will get good service both before and after kayaking with us, and we are here to answer all kayak-related questions.


Get a discount on kayaking equipment

Returning customer? After completing a course with us, you will get a discount on kayaking equipment so you can take your kayaking journey to the next level.
• 10% discount on river kayaks and 20% on paddle clothing from VPG. Send us an email and we will give you a discount code.
• 15% discount on paddle equipment from West Systems when you shop in the store at Alnabru *
* Discount does not apply to Typhoon Hypercurve, sea kayaks or promotional items.


Få våttkort på våre kajakkurs

Har du lyst til å lære kajakk på ordentlig vis, er det godt å vite at padlekursene våre gir deg våttkort.  Våttkortet er et bevis på ferdighetsnivået ditt innen kajakk, og gis av Norges Padleforbund. På kursene våre kvalifiserer du til ulike nivåer i stigesystemet, som går fra grunnleggende kurs til omfattende instruktørkvalifikasjoner.    Skal du padle kajakk senere, og enten leie kajakkutstyr eller melde deg inn i en kajakklub, må du ha våttkort. Et kajakkurs hos oss er derfor en god start. Når vi avslutter et kurs, overrekker vi deg nemlig våttkortet.