Join the Goat Tribe!

We won’t promise that it will be easier than your last job, but we guarantee it will be one hell of a ride! Mad Goats always has room for strong, funny and professional team members that want to stay for more than one season. Whether it is working as a guide, instructor or in administration, we have something for you.

Due to Mad Goats being a seasonal company, we cannot offer all year round employment, but will try our hardest to help you find work in the winter if you want to stay in Oslo all year round. Our brother company, GreenBoats, could potentially have work for you as a sauna master in Aker Brygge.

Living in Oslo can be expensive. We cannot provide you with any accommodations. There are a few options available: live in a tent in the forest (yes, it is legal), find a camper van park.

General info:

  • We always have a trial period of 3 months (including training period).
  • We only offer seasonal contracts at the moment (6 months). Longer contracts can be negotiated after your first season.
  • If you are new to this work you will need a one month training period (paid)
  • Working for Mad Goats Paddling is hard work. We expect full commitment to the tribe. In return you will also have our full commitment to you.
  • Holidays during the season must be arranged before the start of April.
  • If you decide to stay for two seasons or more, any relevant training costs will be covered by Mad Goats as an investment in you – and us!
  • We do not cover visa costs and application for visas must be done by you. Of course we are happy to sign any necessary documents.

Get in touch and leave sheep life behind! Maaaaeeeeeeeeeehhhh!!