Kayak and SUP Rental

Are you the spontaneous type? Do you want to explore on the water? – then you are at the right place!

We offer kayak and SUP Rental. Now you can go for a paddle whenever it suits you.


Casual Rental Price:

  • 1 hour 250,-
  • 2 hours 350,-
  • 3 hours 450,-

Rental Prices:

  • 3 hours 450,-
  • 5 hours 650,-
  • 8 hours 850,-
  • 2 days 1500,-

Member Rental Prices: 

  • 3 hours 350,-
  • 5 hours 550,-
  • 8 hours 750,-
  • 2 days 1400,-

What price range suits you?

Casual Rental: This is for you without a lot of paddling experience. You can paddle within a restricted area.

Rental Prices: This is for those of you who have a våttkort, BC 2*, ACA 2* or Svenska Paddelpass. You may paddle freely on the Oslo Fjord. If you don´t have a våttkort and wish to be free to explore the Oslo Fjord, get in touch and we will find the course for you.

Member Rental Prices: For you guys who have a våttkort, BC 2*, ACA 2* or Svenska Paddelpass, and you are a member of the Facebook Group: “Mad Goats Paddling Group”.

We offer a 25% discount to returning customers on all rental prices!

Here is how to get onboard:

  1. Rent a Kayak/SUP and go for a paddle
  2. Pick up 5 pieces of plastic out of the water or on the beach while paddling
  3. Take a picture of the plastic you collected, upload it to Instagram/Facebook, tag Mad Goats Paddling and use the hashtag #madgoatspaddling.
  4. Show us the picture the next time you rent a kayak/SUP, and you´ll get your discount.