Kayak Masterclass: Support Strokes

This Masterclass goes in-depth on sculling, bracing and recovery strokes. This is the core set of skills that will keep you upright and in control when the conditions get tough, it is also a great stepping stone towards learning how to roll a kayak.

Ideal for anyone planning a kayaking trip further north over the summer.

 Techniques you will learn:

  • Low brace
  • High braces
  • Skulling and Skulling braces
  • Combining hip movements with braces
  • Brace turns
  • J leans
  • Contact braces

Level: Some paddling experience required. Ideally have already taken Introkurs or Grunnkurs.

Price / Discounts: Adults – 1299 kr; Students and youth 25% discount.

Location: Aker Brygge Marina, Oslo

What’s included: Kayak and all kit hire including drysuit. Please bring thermals and socks to wear under the drysuit.

About your Instructor: Tony Waters is one of our Senior Instructors, and he is responsible for training all our other instructors. His paddling career spans 25 years and three continents. Highlights include week-long expedition in South-west Tasmania and surfing the infamous river wave, Point Break, on the Kananaskis River (Canada).

kayak low brace