Get your Våttkort on our NPF river kayaking grunnkurs in Hønefoss

There’s no feeling more liberating than paddling down a river surrounded only by the tranquility of Norwegian nature. If this sounds like something for you, why not get involved with our river kayaking grunnkurs on the Randselva in Hønefoss.

River kayaking requires a different skillset to that of sea kayaking, and on this grunnkurs you will learn:
– How to navigate a Class 2 river
– Safety routines on the river
– Theory on river currents

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Kr 3300,-
16 hour course covered in 2 days
Randselva in Hønefoss.
Lundstadveien 6, 3514 Hønefoss

Max 8 people
Kayak and kayak clothing rental
 Skill level
No previous kayak or paddling experience needed

Are you someone with no previous kayaking experience? Not a problem! We can help you get better acquainted with the kayak and the equipment. You will get to do some practical exercises that teach you how to use the kayak, paddle, spray deck and life vest.

After the course you will have earned yourself a Våttkort, certified by the NPF. You will then be able to carry out safety procedures and kayak manoeuvres on a river. You can rent kayak clothing, spray decks, paddles and kayaks free of charge on the course. We recommend you wear a woollen base layer and bring a towel to keep nice and warm.

Activity overview for the river kayaking grunnkurs
The adventure starts at the arranged location at 10am. You will have received the info in an email. You will get an introduction to the course where we will go through the activity plan.
The training will start with general safety information, an overview of the river, and an acquaintance with the kayak and equipment before you put your paddling clothing.
We will then get started with the course on flat water to get comfortable before we get to work on the challenges of river kayaking.

You will learn about:
• Rescue – how to get out of the kayak, and how to rescue your buddies.
• Paddle techniques
• Balance control
• Practice through engaging exercises and games such as kayak polo and tag. Afterwards, we get back on dry land for lunch and go through a little more theory.

With food in our bellies, but with a hunger for more paddling, we will head out onto the water again. We will do some more exercises, where we will learn to paddle in and out of the current. Our main focus point will be:
• speed, balance and angles for paddling in a backwater
• buddy rescuing
The next activity will be a short trip on a class 1 or 2 river and we will pack and prepare for this, which takes about 1.5 hours. When the trip has finished, we will have a little de-brief where we will go over what we learnt, and about any hilarious experiences along the way. You will also receive individual feedback from the instructor with tips and tricks for anything you found challenging along the way.

We will meet up at 10am again on Sunday, and go through the plan for the day as well as:
• theory about signalling and communication on the river
• dry run-throughs with a throw rope on land (we will change clothes and dry up before we begin)
• using a throw rope in pairs
• rescuing with a throw rope in the river
• how to swim in the river
Excited and raring to go for the next challenge, we will take lunch here. While we are on land, we will pack for a trip down a class 2 river – this trip will take about 2 hours, during which we will cover:
• finding various lines through the rapids
• training paddle skills like paddling in and out of backwaters and surfing for those who wish to do so
You will again receive personalised feedback with advice and help after the trip has ended, and afterwards you will get your Våttkort. Congratulations!

P.S. The kayak course can be set up on request. Get in touch if none of the dates work for you.

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Utrolig gøy opplevelse å padle kajakk ned Akerselven. Proffe og flinke instruktører. Anbefales på det varmeste.

Katarina Rönning
Katarina Rönning

Jeg fikk Padletur på Akerselva til bursdag av kjæresten min. Helt super opplevelse. Anbefales!

Geir Skaret
Geir Skaret

Sønnen min på 13, hans onkel på besøk fra utlandet og jeg hadde en fantastisk tur ned Akerselva fra Grunerparken ved Mathallen og ut til Operaen. En god opplevelse og en annen måte å oppleve Akerselva og padling på. Anbefales varmt!! MadGoats er gode på det de gjør 🙂

Kåre Ivar Gauksrud
Kåre Ivar Gauksrud