NPF våttkort Introduction Course – Bjørvika

First time with a paddle in your hands? Discover the joys of sea kayaking on our beginner-level introduction course. Here you will learn the basics in a safe and controlled environment. All gear is included so as to keep you warm while paddling. “A warm student is a happy student. And a happy student is a good learner” – goat wisdom.

During the course, our certified and professional (and very funny) instructors will teach you about safety on the water, proper paddling technique and how to rescue yourself and others.

After completing this course you will be awarded your very own NPF våttkort. This nationally recognised qualification will allow you to rent kayaks from us so that you can paddle alone or with friends. The freedom of adventures awaits you!


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Kr. 1300,-

3 hours
See Google Map below.
Fitness requirement: Low – medium
Age limit: 14yrs+

All included.
Bring your own thermal underwear (ullundertøy) to wear underneath our wetsuits – and a towel! We recommend sunglasses and a waterbottle on hot days.
 Skill level
Beginner; no experience needed.

The kayak course starts with training on land – it often feels safest to start with firm ground under you. Still, you will soon be required to venture out onto the water. Then you will learn how to lift, carry and launch yourself onto the water. Once all the students are ready, the real kayak lesson begins. This includes:

  • How to get out of your kayak
  • Paddle strokes and boat control
  • Self and buddy rescue
  • Safety on the water

All paddle clothing (wetsuit, spray jacket, shoes, gloves, hat, sprayskirt, paddle and kayak) is included on this course. We advise you to bring wool underwear, and a towel so that you stay warm and happy. Remember to bring a water bottle, sunscreen and sunglasses if it is a hot day!

Note: You do not need to show us the self-rescue on this introduction course. You will still pass the course and get your våttkort. We at Mad Goats are just super into safety and going above and beyond what is expected. For this reason, we have added this rescue to the introduction course. It will, of course, make us feel a lot better when sending you out in a kayak alone.

Do you want to be even safer and more skilled on the water? Then you can jump straight to step 2 right. Take a look at our basic course that runs over 2 days.

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Introduction course

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Bjørvika (Operahusstranden)

Utrolig gøy opplevelse å padle kajakk ned Akerselven. Proffe og flinke instruktører. Anbefales på det varmeste.

Katarina Rönning
Katarina Rönning

Jeg fikk Padletur på Akerselva til bursdag av kjæresten min. Helt super opplevelse. Anbefales!

Geir Skaret
Geir Skaret

Sønnen min på 13, hans onkel på besøk fra utlandet og jeg hadde en fantastisk tur ned Akerselva fra Grunerparken ved Mathallen og ut til Operaen. En god opplevelse og en annen måte å oppleve Akerselva og padling på. Anbefales varmt!! MadGoats er gode på det de gjør 🙂

Kåre Ivar Gauksrud
Kåre Ivar Gauksrud