River kayaking teknikkurs

This teknikkurs is for those who wish to progress through the NPF learning stages. The course will give you the skills you need to effectively paddle grade 3, and you will also be able to take the first steps towards grade 4 by learning what is required to paddle at that level.


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kr 2900,-
16 hours over 2 days

Max 6 people
Kayak equipment and clothing if desired (+ kr 300,-)

 Skill level
You need to have taken a grunnkurs

On the first day, we will refresh ourselves on the skills we already know. It is important that you get your techniques right before you progress. In this way, you will not need to go back at a later stage to get rid of any bad habits you may have picked up (don’t let this scare you off and don’t doubt your own skills either; our instructor(s) will base the course around your specific needs). We will then start learning the new paddling techniques, followed by a river trip (grade 2-3). After the trip, we will have a de-brief and in the evening we will have a quick theory lesson.

On the second day, we will hone our newly-adopted techniques and work on being able to confidently role and rescue in the river current as well as mastering paddling as a group at a grade 3 level. After the paddling, we will have another de-brief and you will receive personalised feedback on how you can further improve yourself.

You will learn to:
Work with the eskimo role and confidently role in rapids at grade 3.
Body positioning while paddling
Technical paddle strokes: boof-strokes, hanging-stern draws, sweep strokes, forward strokes and bow draws
Achieve dynamic paddling by learning how to naturally combine your paddle strokes – as opposed to being static and rigid, in other words
Learn how to read the rapids and use the twists and turns to your advantage
Boat positioning – making good choices of lines
Clarity during paddling – making a decision and going with it
Paddling in a group – learn how to paddle effectively and safely with others
Prepare your balance and use your whole body by learning to edge
Paddle safely in a river at grade 3
Upgrade your existing skills and learn new techniques that will enable you to safely and securely progress through the grades

You receive an email with all the essential information beforehand, but don’t hesitate to get in contact if there is something you are unsure of.



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Contact us for booking: kontakt@madgoats.no


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Step 3

Utrolig gøy opplevelse å padle kajakk ned Akerselven. Proffe og flinke instruktører. Anbefales på det varmeste.

Katarina Rönning
Katarina Rönning

Jeg fikk Padletur på Akerselva til bursdag av kjæresten min. Helt super opplevelse. Anbefales!

Geir Skaret
Geir Skaret

Sønnen min på 13, hans onkel på besøk fra utlandet og jeg hadde en fantastisk tur ned Akerselva fra Grunerparken ved Mathallen og ut til Operaen. En god opplevelse og en annen måte å oppleve Akerselva og padling på. Anbefales varmt!! MadGoats er gode på det de gjør 🙂

Kåre Ivar Gauksrud
Kåre Ivar Gauksrud