Explore one of Norway’s most popular kayak destinations without the need of your own car or kayak!


Price: 490 kr per person per day. Includes kayak, paddle, life vest, spray skirt and pump. 150 kr per person per day for wetsuit, booties and splash jacket.

Location: Danholmen, Nøtterøy https://g.page/MadGoatsTonsberg?share

Duration: 1 – 4 days

Opening hours: Pick up and drop off during daylight hours, Monday to Sunday. Book online. Once you have booked you will be emailed to confirm arrangements for pick up and drop off.

Trip recommendations and skills required:

All renters must have a våttkort. Children (minimum 14 years) must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

1 day – Trip to Prinds Christians Batterie or nearby islands of Torgersøya or Ormøya
Distance: approx. 15km
Skill level: introkurs

2 day – Coastal Town Sightseeing trip around Nøtterøy
Distance: approx. 30km
Skill level: introkurs

2 day – Wilderness Island Experience – Eastern coast of Nøtterøy
Distance: between 15-30km (you decide!)
Skill level required: introkurs

3 day – Southern Excursion to Islands such as Vestre Bustein and adjacent islands
Distance: 30+km
Skill level: grunnkurs

4 day – Circumnavigation of Nøtterøy, Hvasser, and Tjøme – Paddling around Verdens Ende
Distance: approx. 60km
Skill level required: Grunnkurs

Gear you need to provide:
– Dry bags; 10L, 25L, 40L
– Warm clothes
– Food
– Camping equipment for cooking, eating and cleaning
– 10L water for overnight trips
– Gloves and hat if it is cold
– Tent or hammock
– Sleeping bag
– Sleeping mat
– First aid kit
– Rubbish bags
– Toiletries

Gear we can rent to you:
– Kayak (with functional skeg)
– Paddle and spare paddle
– Map of area
– Pump
– Sprayskirt
– Life Jacket
– Wetsuit and booties
– Splash jacket

What to check before trip:
– Weather conditions; wind strength and direction and temperature
– Plan your trip so you can either have a tail wind or minimise a headwind by paddling close to the leeward side of the land/islands so as to mitigate wind effect

Weather limits:
Intokurs Level: max acceptable wind speed 5 m/s
Grunnkurs Level: max acceptable wind speed 7 m/
If higher than this we are happy to offer a reschedule or refund

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