About Mad Goats Paddling

Mad Goats Paddling organises kayak and SUP courses, tours and rentals in Oslo, Norway. We are crazy goats – and we always have fun on the water.


We provide sea kayak & SUP tours, rentals and courses in Bjørvika near the the Oslo Opera House. We also arrange two-day sea & river kayaking courses in Lysaker and Hønefoss. We offer paddle activities for group events such as team building and bachelor parties. Amongst other things, we are known for the fantastic paddle trip down the Akerselva river, right through the heart of Oslo. Few things match the feeling of freedom you have on the water. We want you to experience this!


All our instructors/guides are approved by the Norwegian Paddle Association, and have through many courses and long experience reached a high-level in of competence in paddle sports, outdoor leadership and safety.

Mad Goat’s Paddling History

What do crazy goats have to do with paddling, you wonder? The idea of Mad Goats came about when Tomas Hansson was walking in the mountains in New Zealand. When he heard wild goats bleating, he started to bleat back. Finally, Tomas was so good at bleating that the goats answered him.
Goats have the qualities we believe are important in the outdoors and for life in general. They are smart, fun, adaptable and tough.
Today, Mad Goat’s Paddling team consists of Daglig Leder Tomas Hansson, Kristina Antal, Kevin Etheridge and Dean Hansson – all skilled and experienced water people. We all have a passion for paddling – as well as goats – and work to ensure that the pleasure of paddling is passed on to others.


Tomas Hansson (founder)