Floating Saunas in Oslo and Moss

We provide drop-in sauna sessions, private sauna bookings and sauna memberships in central Oslo and Moss, Norway. Saunas are perfect for parties, team building, and warming up after ice-bathing. Also a great activity to combine with swimming and/or paddling. Enjoy an authentic nordic floating sauna experience with your close ones, or go alone and meet new friends. There really is nothing better to raise your spirits than a hot sauna, friendly people a refreshing dip in the icy cold waters of the fjord. Life just does not get better! Sauna use has been a human tradition for 1000s of years and now we are finding out why. The health benefits of regular sauna use and cold water bathing are now being proven by science, and the results are compelling. If you want to learn more check out our blog post about sauna life on Oslo Fjord.