Winter Activities on Oslo Fjord

Winter is not the time to lay down your arms in surrender - quite the opposite! It is the time you must rise up and fight for your right to health and happiness. At least that is our attitude at Mad Goats. Yes, winter can be cold, dark, and long but it is also a unique time of year. During winter, the sunsets are that much richer in color and the fjord is still and quiet, without the roar of boat traffic. So let’s flip this whole winter thing on its head. I propose we light a fire within you so that no matter how cold it is outside, this raging flame cannot be snuffed out! Winter activities are the cure. That means getting out there and still enjoying life. Going out into nature, breathing fresh air, and moving your body. That is what makes winter not just a thing you have to bear, but something you enjoy. Take this truth from a goat's mouth. All he wanted to was run back to New Zealand during his first Norwegian winter/s…What saved him you ask?! The answer is simple, kayaking, sauna, and skiing! Let’s goat!