2-day Whitewater Kayaking or Packrafting Våttkort Beginner Course (Grunnkurs) – Sjoa, Norway

Join us up in Sjoa for two days of fun and learning on world famous whitewater rivers and get your våttkort. On this course you can choose to be in a kayak or a packraft. Packrafts are more stable and lighter to carry, making them the ultimate adventure watercraft, whereas kayaks are more agile on the river, making them better for playing on waves and for paddling harder whitewater. However, the techniques used to paddle both are very similar, which is why we can combine the two courses! Whatever you decide, you will get the opportunity to try both a packraft and kayak if you wish - “catch you on the water!”

Packrafting and kayaking våttkort courses in Sjoa, Norway

This course is the packrafting and kayaking våttkort “Grunnkurs i elvekajakk” and  “Grunnkurs i packraft”. This våttkort course is available 7-days a week from mid July to mid August on request. We combine the two packraft and kayak våttkort courses together, so that you can choose whether you want to use a packraft or a kayak. Please contact before the course if you do not have your own packraft, so we can arrange something for you! We run all our white packrafting and kayaking courses and tours in Sjoa as private events. Get in touch if you are a team building group or planning a celebration. 

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This is a beginner våttkort packrafting or kayaking course that runs over 2-days, 5hrs each day. We start at 10.00 both days, and end around 1500. This course is available 7-days a week from mid-June to mid-August on request. You will be awarded your NPF våttkort grunnkurs certification on completion.