Public Sauna Session – Jeløy, Moss

Self-service floating sauna on the central Moss waterfront. Our sauna sessions are 2hrs during weekdays and 2.5hrs in the weekends. Public sauna sessions are great places to relax, hang with friends or meet new ones. Regular sauna use and ice bathing has been scientifically proven to be very good for your health, increase your energy levels and improve your sense of wellbeing. We hope to see you in the sauna soon!

Book a space in a public sauna in Moss beside the fjord. Our sauna is self-service, meaning you will be responsible for unlocking the sauna and lighting the fire. We do have a heater installed to make sure our sauna is at room temperature, making it much quicker to heat up. If you are a regular sauna user, check out our sauna memberships to here. 

When payment is received you will be emailed confirmation of your sauna booking along with an access code and instructions on how to use our saunas. Booking a public sauna in Moss means you will share with others, so we kindly ask you treat all sauna users with kindness and respect. Remember to bring enough water to drink, sit on a towel and please wear swimwear. We are looking forward having you at our sauna in Moss! For private sauna rentals, please book here. 


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If you are in Oslo and looking for a private or public waterside sauna, then check out our sauna location in Tjuvholmen, Oslo. Alternatively, if you are in Moss and want to check out sauna life in Moss before we open, then check out Moss Kurbadstue, here!

Our sauna is available to book 7-days a week between 0700 - 2100 and is self-service, so you will light the fire yourself. We have heaters installed in our sauna so the sauna will be at room temperature (15-20 degrees) on arrival. This means it will only take around 15 - 29 minutes to warm up! Ready to embrace your inner Viking?! - lets GOAT!