Public Sauna Sessions – Tjuvholmen

Self-service floating sauna in central Oslo, with public sessions daily (felles badstue). Book your place in advance! Enjoy an authentic nordic sauna experience and ice bathing on Oslofjord (Oslofjorden). Saunas are great places to hang with friends or make new ones while enjoying a healthy, fun and refreshing experience! Book sauna in advance during the weekend as this is the most popular time to enjoy sauna life on Oslo Fjord.

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Sauna is available to book 7 days a week between 6am and 9.30pm. Our sauna is self-service meaning you will light the fire on arrival. We have heaters installed in our sauna so the sauna will be at room temperature (20 degrees) on arrival. This means it will only take around 15 minutes to warm up! Ready to embrace your inner Viking?!