Here you can find the new projects and initiatives that we Mad Goats are currently working on. In general, all of our ventures either have an underlying social, environmental, outdoor or health twist – or all in one! This means that we want to try and hit on at least one of these bases when we create a new product or launch anything new.

Akerselva Clean-up Initiative – sign up and win a trip down Akerselva!

Mad Goats truly love the Akerselva river in Oslo. It is an incredible way to see the city from a new perspective and to find a bit of calm within the hustle-bustle of city life. This beautiful and tranquil river runs through the very heart of Oslo ending out in the Inner Oslo Fjord beside the Opera House and new Munch Museum.

Unfortunately,  a lot of rubbish finds its way into the river and floats out into the sea. For the past 3 years, Mad Goats have been working to keep the Akerselva clean. On every trip, we pick up bags of rubbish and also try to keep the Opera House beach tidy, as this is where a lot of the trash winds up. Last year we teamed up with Miljø De Grønne and PlastNorge to make a concerted cleanup effort. The below photo below shows all the rubbish we pick up – and that actually wasn’t all! I stopped 3 times on the way down to empty full bags into rubbish bins.

This year we have decided to step it up another level and offer 1 free kayak trip down Akerselva every week for those people willing to pick up one bag of rubbish on the way down. If you are interested, write your email in the space below and we will pick a winner once per week.

Good luck and thank you for caring about the planet!

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