Flatwater Kayak Rolling Course

A party trick as well as a safety procedure – not a bad combo, right? Just how simple is an kayak roll, you ask? Some are able to roll by the end of the course, and hats off to them! However, most need more practice in the kayak before they are able to master it. Our instructors specialise in teaching the kayak roll, and ensure that you feel safe and secure. Our small group sizes (maximum 4 people new to rolling) mean that we can make the course interactive, personal and suited to your skill level. We want you to get the very best quality instruction and the most out of your time.

If you are keen to become a safer and more skilled paddler then mastering how to do a kayak roll (also known as an eskimo roll) should be on your bucket list, especially for those wanting to progress their river kayaking.

During this course, you will learn the techniques you need to be able to carry out the eskimo roll, in safe conditions and under the care of an experienced whitewater paddler.

If you are intersted in fast-tracking your learning we also offer private tuition.

Locations and prices:

  • Mad Goats Lysaker – 2 hour course, 1490 kr per person
  • Mad Goats Sjoa – 3 hour course including transport to and from our base, 1990 kr per person.


  • 50% off for those who have done a rolling course before and want a refresher
  • 25% off for students (not in combination with refresher discount)

Etter fullført introkurs har jeg tatt et par privattimer med Tomas. En skikkelig fin fyr med stor vilje og gode egenskaper til å lære bort. Jeg kommer til å drømme rulle i natt....

Stig Grani


  • From 1490 kr per person
  • 25% discount for students
  • 50% discount for those taking a rolling “refresher”


The course lasts for 2 hours. Please note that in Sjoa the total time is 3 hours as this includes transport time to and from our base.


  • Mad Goats Sjoa (Heidal Valley)
  • Mad Goats Lysaker (just outside Oslo)


Max 6 students
– 4 first-time students
– 2 refresher students


All kayak equipment and wetsuit or drysuit. Please bring swimwear, towel, thermals, googles, nose plug and ear plugs.

Skill level

To get the most out of this course, if you have never paddled before we recommend starting with a beginners or foundation course first.

Locations, Calendar & Booking

If you do not see a date below that suits please get in touch ans we will try our best to accommodate. All public group courses are subject to minimum numbers. Alterntiavely you can book private one-to-one tuition.

Mad Goats Lysaker

Mad Goats Sjoa

Rolling resources

Download our  free comprehensive guide to learning the eskimo roll (5MB, pdf)

And here are some more rolling videos by Tomas Hansson, Mad Goats founder, and one of our rolling instructors:

Tips on Eskimo-rolling

6 Steps to Teaching the Eskimo-roll

Learn to Eskimo-roll

We hope you find these resources useful and can join us on the water one day!