Unleash the potential

to create an

unstoppable team!

Are you looking for an experience that takes your team out of their regular routines? Do you want to improve communication between employees, create stronger bonds or introduce a new team to each other?

The answer is simple.

Choose from one of our exciting paddle courses or tours in central Oslo.

We guarantee that our team-building activities will give your team new and unique experiences, which when shared together can develop both the team and the individual.


Relish in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and mastering a new skill. This is not an everyday experience for most. Discovering the wild goat within will not only make everything in your life more kickass but will also positively effect your work life.

Group Dynamics

Through interaction and sharing ridiculously fun activities, your team will undoubtedly reach the next level of productivity and creativity! Forming bonds under pressure will create stronger cohesion within your team making you unbreakable under stress.

Levelling Up

Going bowling or go-cart racing is so last century…Outdoor recreation is what will give your team the leading edge in this competitive world. You want some more stats to add to your characteristics? How about +5 charisma the minute you grab hold of your paddle, or 3+ constitution the second you sit in your kayak?

Paddle activities offer the ingredients for next-level teamwork!

Investing in worthwhile team-building activities to strengthen your tribe is money not wasted – it’s a valuable investment! The magic happens when you push your team out of their comfort zone (in a safe environment) while having them work together, and having fun!  – not to mention the many good laughs at the office for years afterwards!