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Nøtterøy (near Tønsberg) is the perfect base to explore the beautiful waters of Vestfold and Færder National Park. We are lucky enough to be right on the Padleled Vestfold and Telemark. Why not rent a kayak and explore for yourself!

For both kayak rentals and courses we include all kit for your convenience – kayak, paddle, life vest, spray skirt, wetsuit, booties and spray jacket. We suggest you bring swimwear or thermals to wear under the wetsuit, and of course a towel, sunscreen, water and any snacks you would like.

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*Please note that to rent a kayak a våttkort is required. An NPF våttkort (recognised all over Norway) is issued after completion of the 3 hr introduction course as a minimum.

Self-guided tour suggestions for Padleled Vestfold and Telemark:

22. Ringshaug–Karlsvika–Retur (7km, approx 2 hours)

23. Ringshaug–Torgersøya rundt –Retur (13km, approx 3 hours)

24. Rosanes –Tønsberg sentrum–Retur (7km, approx 2 hours)

25. Rosanes –Hella via Olsåsen–Retur (19km, approx 4-5 hours)

26. Rosanes –Klopp–Retur (10km, approx 2-3 hours)

Download routes as PDFs: 22 & 23  24, 25 & 26

If you would prefer to have a guide we can offer bespoke guided tours. Just email kontakt@madgoats.no with your requirements.

After kayaking why not book a sauna on-site at Tønsberg Fjord Spa.

Course calendar: