Join one of our many historic rowing activities!

Introduction course - Viking Rowing

First time rowing? Discover the timeless joy of rowing ancient vikings boats (Faærings) that have been in use for over 1000 years. On our beginner-level introduction course in central Oslo, you will learn the basics in a safe and controlled environment.

Viking Rowboat Tour - Bjørvika

Explore the historic Bjørvika harbour in an old viking rowboat (Faærings). You will be instructed on how to row and then guided around the famous landmarks in the area. These include the Akerselva canal, Opera House, Munch Museum and Sørenga.

Rowboat Rental - Bjørvika

Paddle back in time and rent an authentic viking rowboat (Faærings). Explore the inner fjord where you can find many of Oslo’s famous landmarks: The Oslo Opera House, Munch Museum and the Akerselva River. Room for up to 4 people in each boat.

Private Events in Oslo

Looking for an authentic nordic activity to celebrate a special event. We provide customised events for bachelor parties, staff parties, weddings – you name it! We can paddle you out to Hovedøya with music and red wine, or drop you off at a place of your choosing along the Oslo City Waterfront – everything is possible!

About Viking Rowing

Viking Rowing was originally founded by Marius Løkse, a wonderful character and talented musician. Marius has a deep passion for viking history, which doesn’t stop at rowboats. For groups looking for an animated, engaging and uniquely nordic experience, then Marius is the man to pull it off.