Gift Cards For Goats!

How to buy Gift Cards from Mad Goats?

Simply follow the normal booking process, but instead of choosing “BOOK NOW” choose instead “BUY GIFT CARD” – See example picture below.

The best gifts are experiences. How to buy a gavekort with Mad Goats in Oslo


You can browse all of options for Gift Cards, both for sauna and paddling activities below:


Why buy someone an experience as a gift?

Health is wealth, right? So why not gift it to someone?! Regular sauna user, exercise, and being in the great outdoors is scientifically proven to improve your health and increase your wellbeing. All our activities can be bought as gifts, whether that is a floating sauna session, Akerselva kayak tour, SUP / kayak rental, våttkort kayaking course or Oslo Kayak Tour. At Mad Goats, we believe that material things are important (you can’t eat your salad without a fork), but the value you get from an experience can be something that  changes someones life and create everlasting beautiful memories. So, don’t stop gifting your loved ones forks, but maybe also add a kayak tour or sauna in there too. Read this study from Cornel university about how they found out experiences are more valuable gifts than things! 

The Ultimate Oslo Adventure: Sauna & Kayaking Extravaganza!

In a galaxy teeming with gift options, the vibrant pulse of Oslo beckons with an unparalleled present: the Oslo Experience Gift Card. Picture this: a thrill-seeker’s dream woven into an unforgettable experience – a journey that transcends the mundane and ventures into the extraordinary.

Material gifts hold their allure, no doubt. But here’s the cosmic secret: experiences? They’re the stardust that kindles our happiest memories. And in the heart of Oslo, perched amidst the Nordic wonders, lies the allure of the Sauna and Kayaking Extravaganza.

In the Heart of Oslo: The Unveiling

Enter Oslo, the radiant capital where modernity dances with nature. Here, the Oslo Experience Gift Card is more than a mere token; it’s a key to unlock the city’s hidden treasures. Step into the enchanting Akerselva river, where kayaking unveils the mesmerizing tapestry of Oslo’s scenic beauty.

Onward to the Oslofjord, the watery embrace that cradles the city. Picture a kayak slicing through the fjord’s cerulean waters, a symphony of tranquility and adventure harmoniously entwined.

The Magnetic Aura of Sauna Bliss

Ah, but the gift doesn’t end there! Oslo’s sauna culture beckons, offering an immersive plunge into relaxation and rejuvenation. Picture this: a luxurious sauna session, the warmth enveloping weary souls and unraveling stress knots with each gentle wisp of steam.

And here’s the cosmic twist: Oslo’s saunas aren’t just about heat; they’re about the heart-warming tradition of togetherness. A sauna experience becomes a cosmic bonding moment, a chance to forge connections and create lasting memories.

The Cosmic Shift: Material Gifts vs. Experiences

Now, let’s warp into a philosophical orbit. Material gifts sparkle momentarily, but experiences? They’re the constellations in the galaxy of life. In Oslo’s celestial tapestry, a kayak ride along the Akerselva isn’t just a journey; it’s a communion with nature’s raw elegance. A sauna session becomes a cosmic reset button, washing away worries and leaving behind cosmic serenity.

Experiences etch themselves into the fabric of our existence, crafting tales to be whispered through the corridors of time. The Oslo Experience Gift Card? It’s not just a present; it’s a ticket to write a new chapter in the cosmic memoir of cherished moments.

Cosmic Musings

So, why gift a sauna or kayak experience in Oslo? Because in the grand cosmic theatre, where stars twinkle and planets spin, moments of sheer joy and cosmic connection outshine any material possession. The Oslo Experience Gift Card opens a portal to weave tales of adventure, relaxation, and shared moments amidst the celestial wonders of Akerselva and Oslofjord.

Material gifts adorn, but experiences transcend. In Oslo’s magnetic embrace, let the gift of cosmic moments be your ultimate present – a celestial voyage through the multiverse of joy and connection.