Kayak Rental in Oslo with Mad Goats 

Mad Goats largest kayak rental is conveniently located on the central Oslo waterfront in Bjørvika, accessible by foot, or public transport. This kayak rental location is right beside some of Oslo’s most famous landmarks, such as the Opera House, Munch Museum and only a 20 minute kayak trip to Akershus Fortress and the Astrup Fearnley in Tjuvholmen. You are also only a 15 minute paddle from Hovedøya, Oslo’s closest island. We also have a smaller rental operation in Lysaker, which is close to the Bydøy Peninsula. Self-service kayak rental in Oslo has never been so fast and easy, making it a perfect midday, afterwork, or weekend outdoor activity with friends and family.

Important Kayak Rental Info Before You Book:

  • We do not hire double kayaks. If you need a double kayak then we recommend joining our 2-hour Oslo Fjord Kayak Tour. 
  • You must have prior kayaking experience if you want to rent a kayak from Mad Goats. You must know how to rescue yourself and those you are kayaking with. If you do not know how to perform these techniques we recommend you attend our 3-hour våttkort beginner kayak course.
  • You can bring your dog with you if it is small enough to fit in-between your legs and must wear a dog life jacket. If you have a larger dog we recommend joining our Oslo Fjord Kayak Tour and going in a double kayak.
  • We also hire SUP Boards from Tjuvholmen in central Oslo, and Lysaker. Stand-up Paddle-boarding can be a better option if you do not feel comfortable going kayaking. You can rent one here.
  • Our Kayak Rental in Oslo is Self-Service; this means our kayak base is not staffed and you will be required to unlock the kayaks, prepare and launch onto the water yourself. You will receive all self-service instructions in your booking confirmation email.

Kayak Rental Rules with Mad Goats

If you want to rent a kayak in Oslo with Mad Goats you must have some previous kayaking experience. We recommend having attended a beginner kayaking course, such as the 3-hr våttkort course that we teach. Mad Goats urges those that want to rent a kayak in Oslo to check the weather before they depart, dress appropriately for the days weather (if you rent a kayak in April or October you must have your own drysuit o wetsuit) and have the ability to rescues oneself and others, if you were to tip upside-down. You can learn all of these skill on our introduction kayaking våttkort course. Lastly, Oslofjord can get very busy in the summer months with boat traffic, so make sure you keep an eye out and if you paddle in the early morning or evening, make sure to wear reflective gear and always signal towards boats if you are unsure they can see you.

Exploring Oslofjord: Renting a Kayak in Oslo 

For those eager to explore Oslofjord’s scenic beauty, renting a kayak in Oslo is the perfect way to immerse oneself in nature. Several organisations in Oslo facilitate this experience, ensuring visitors have access to quality equipment and essential information for a safe and enjoyable adventure. Note: Mad Goats is the only kayak company in Oslo that does not require you to have våttkort, however, Mad Goats does ask that you have previous kayaking experience and know how to rescue yourself and others before renting a kayak.

Who Rents Out Kayaks In Oslo?

Kayak rental in Oslo is made accessible through various platforms such as DNT Oslo, Akerselva Padleklubb, and Mad Goats. These organisations offer resources and guidance for kayakers, including information on routes, safety measures, and certification requirements.

To ensure a safe kayaking experience, obtaining a våttkort (wet card) is recommended by these organisations – for DNT Oslo and Akerselva Padleklubb you must have your våttkort to rent a kayak. This certification demonstrates proficiency in kayaking and familiarity with safety protocols, enhancing the overall enjoyment and safety of the excursion. It is a very basic course and is suitable for most ages and fitness levels.

Oslo is a kayakers city

Whether joining organised tours, participating in group excursions, or venturing out independently, renting a kayak in Oslo allows individuals to explore Oslofjord’s tranquil waters at their own pace. From secluded coves to picturesque shorelines, kayakers have the opportunity to discover the hidden gems and natural wonders of Oslo’s waterfront.

With kayak rental options readily available and comprehensive guidance provided by local organizations, embarking on a kayaking adventure in Oslo is an accessible and rewarding experience for locals and tourists alike.