Kayak Rental in Oslo

Our 2 kayaking rental locations are conveniently located on the central Oslo waterfront, accessible by foot, or public transport. From Tjuvholmen you can paddle to Hovedøya in less than 10 minutes! From Bjørvika you start right beside Oslo’s famous landmarks, like the Opera House or the Munch Museum. Kayak rental in Oslo has never been so fast and easy, making it a perfect midday, afterwork, or weekend outdoor activity – catch you on the water!

Kayak Rental Rules with Mad Goats

If you want to rent a kayak in Oslo with Mad Goats you must have some previous kayaking experience. We recommend having attended a beginner kayaking course, such as the 3-hr våttkort course that we teach. Mad Goats urges those that want to rent a kayak in Oslo to check the weather before they depart, dress appropriately for the days weather and have the ability to rescues oneself and others if you were to tip upside-down. You can learn all of these skill on our introduction kayaking våttkort course. Lastly, Oslofjord can get very busy in the summer months with boat traffic, so make sure you keep an eye out and if you paddle in the early morning or evening, make sure to wear reflective gear.


The Story of Gary the Goats Kayak Rental Adventure on Oslo Fjord

Once upon a time in the picturesque city of Oslo, there lived a goat named Gary who had an insatiable thirst for adventure. One sunny day, Gary discovered the thrill of kayaking and decided it was time for a baa-tastic escapade.

Kayak Quest

In pursuit of aquatic excitement, Gary trotted down to the nearest kayak rental in Oslo. Sporting a life vest and an adventurous gleam in his eyes, Gary confidently approached the rental stand. The perplexed attendant, looking bemused, handed him a paddle and a sleek kayak.

Gary’s Paddling Prowess

Now, goats might not be the typical kayakers, but Gary embraced the challenge with all the enthusiasm of a mountain goat on a steep incline. With a series of triumphant bleats, he set sail, navigating the Oslo Fjord with surprising finesse.

Island Intrigue

As Gary paddled his way across the sparkling waters, he discovered the hidden gem of Gressholmen—an island known for its tranquil beauty and charming surprises. The goat, fuelled by curiosity and a sense of adventure, decided to make Gressholmen his own personal playground.

Gary’s Island Hijinks

Upon reaching the island, Gary pranced around, nibbling on the lush grass and posing for photos with bewildered tourists. Unbeknownst to him, his escapade was becoming the talk of the island. Gary’s four-legged frolics attracted a crowd of amused onlookers who couldn’t resist snapping pictures of the kayaking goat.

Culinary Capers

With all that exploring, Gary worked up quite an appetite. His acute sense of smell led him straight to Gressholmen Kro, a charming eatery known for its delectable shrimp sandwiches.

Gary’s Gourmet Delight

Picture this: a goat in a life vest, munching on a shrimp sandwich with gusto. The juxtaposition of a barnyard creature enjoying fine seafood cuisine was a sight to behold. Gary’s goatish approval was the ultimate endorsement for Gressholmen Kro’s culinary prowess.

The Great Getaway

As the day drew to a close, Gary reluctantly bid farewell to Gressholmen, his heart full of fond memories. He paddled back to Oslo with a contented bleat, leaving behind a trail of laughter and Instagram-worthy snapshots. Do you know how to bleat because many people think anyone can bleat but it actually takes hard-work, study and a lot of effort to master!

Rent a Kayak, Embrace Your Inner Goat!

And so, the legend of Gary, the kayaking goat, spread far and wide. Soon, people flocked to Oslo, eager to embark on their own kayak adventures. The city’s kayak rentals saw a surge in demand, and the spirit of Gary lived on in the laughter of those who dared to embrace their inner goat on the waters of Oslo.

So, dear reader, the next time you find yourself in Oslo, don’t hesitate to grab a paddle, rent a kayak, and channel your inner Gary. The fjords are waiting, and who knows what hilarious escapades and gourmet delights you might encounter on your own kayak caper!