We are Mad Goats – and we always have fun on the water!

Mad Goats provides sea kayak & SUP tours, rentals and courses in central Oslo. Amongst other things, we are known for our famous guided paddle tour down the Akerselva river, right through the heart of Oslo. Few things match the feeling of  freedom you have on the water. We want you to experience this with us!

All our instructors/guides are approved by the Norwegian Paddle Association, and have through many courses and long experience reached a high-level of competence in paddle sports, outdoor leadership and safety.

Watch Us Doing What We Love!

Mad Goat’s History

What do mad goats have to do with paddling, you wonder? The idea of Mad Goats came about when Tomas was walking up a river (in his home-country, New Zealand) with a kayak on his back. When he heard wild goats bleating up on a mountainside, he started to bleat back. Finally, Tomas was so good at bleating, that the goats answered him!
Goats have the qualities we believe are important in the outdoors and for life in general. They are smart, fun, adaptable and tough. #GOATTRIBE

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Tomas Hansson


The Mad Goat Tribe!


Dean Hansson

An even-tempered billy goat and a jack of all trades, Dean keeps everything under-control at Mad Goats.

Dean is a passionate water dude and holds a masters certificate in diving. You can either find him teaching a paddling course, guiding a tour or driving the goat van - he does it all! You will be able to spot him by his amicable manner and charming sense of humour.
Head Guide and Instructor

Kristina Antal

Kristina is a skilled and experienced water person with a passion for paddling – as well as goats – and she works hard to ensure that the pleasure of paddling is passed onto others.

Coming soon.
Head of Sea Kayaking

Rasmus Jensen

Rasmus is our advanced level sea kayak guide and instructor. He is also the CEO of Nordic Paddling, our partner company.

I have been working and teaching in the outdoor industry for nearly ten years. I’ve been sea kayaking since 2013. I’m a certified DKF3 Instructor in Denmark and Turleder (Videregående kurs) in Norway. I’ve been guiding and teach courses in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and England. From 2015 to 2018 I studied to be a “Friluftsveileder” (Outdoor Leader) at the University of Southeast-Norway, which marks my courses and guided tours with an educational and curious approach to nature.

To me, kayaking is like a stew. Kayaking itself may be the vegetables and meat to the stew, but an understanding of the coastal-culture, history and foraging from nature are the seasoning to the stew – otherwise, it would just be flavourless.

Head of River Kayaking & Business Development

Tomas Hansson

Tomas is an energetic goat, who is very passionate about business with impact. That basically means everything he puts his heart into must create positive social and environmental change.

As you can see, Tomas likes to get creative in his kayak - but it does not stop there! His creativity and strategy work is the driving force behind the company's branding, image and development. For him, it is simple, as all you have to do is make people feel included, welcome and show them fun/meaningful experiences - and he would be doing this naturally, on or off screen, for business or otherwise. Tomas's passion to work together and collaborate with others is a big reason why Mad Goats has survived and thrived in the central city environment (remember, goats are tough tribe animals). This is really just the beginning of a huge success story for everyone working on Oslo Fjord; coming together to create a healthy, affordable, and sustainable place that all can enjoy.
Marketing and SUP Guide

Line Andorsen

Hardcore sailor and water enthusiast, Line is both passionate about getting people out enjoying life on the sea and the health of our oceans.

Line is a master designer and can be credited for this amazing website you are currently visiting. And as you can see, she doesn't let something as trivial as the winter get in the way of having fun on the water! This lovely lady is a kind and strong goat and is destined to accomplish incredible things!
Musician, Magician and Head of Viking Rowing

Marius Løkse

Marius is a very talented and magical man. He is passionate about old viking rowing boats (faerings) and making the Oslo Fjord a green, lively and happy place that all can enjoy!

Words from Marius:

"Join Viking rowing in Bjørvika, the "hotbed" of Oslo.

Viking vibes meet pulsing urban atmosphere, featuring the green city development!

We use all authentic traditional boats, faerings from the coastal area of Norway. We offer all kind of spectacular Viking boat events!

We can offer 90 minutes of guided breathtaking adventure! Only demanding normal body skills.
This is indeed a social, icebreaking and team building activity, that will teach you a lot about Norwegian behaviour as well as ancestral history!"

Our Awesome Partners

Goats are tribe animals – no literally, a group of goats is called “a tribe”. We believe we are stronger together. Cooperation is also an important ingredient for success for everyone. Here you will find our fantastic partners. We work with these groups for a variety of reasons: cleaning up garbage from the waterways, providing volunteer paddling activities to those who need it most, and generally working to combine business with social and environmental responsibility. #goatlife is about having a lot of fun and living life to the fullest – we want to include you in that!


The Future is Floating!

Mad Goats is currently working on a new paddle storage solution. After the huge success with our first kayak raft (currently beside the Oslo Opera House) we have decided to pursue this concept further. Moving our operation onto the water makes us a lot more flexible when it comes to positioning and is a more sustainable solution.

At the moment we are working together with Greenwaves, Åretak, Akerselva Padleklubb and the Akerselva Trebåt Forening to find a way where we can share storage room in Bjørvika and create a more centralised paddle/boat hub. We will make sure there is enough room for changing, storage, and chilling – stay tuned!

It's time to unify!

True to our tribal goat nature, Mad Goats is working hard to bring all like-minded water users under the same banner. Together we will create a sustainable, accessible and affordable fjord life for all. Most of our partners above are onboard and if you are interested in contributing in anyway to our vision, you are welcome to join our tribe!

After many years working down at the waterfront we can feel the beginning of a really positive shift, where all parties are starting to collaborate and help one another. We are, of course, much stronger together, and in this age of radical social and environmental turmoil we must stand as one, now more than ever!

Vikings and Goats!

This year we have teamed up with the wonder Marius Løkse from Åretak Røklubb. We are responsible for commercialising his operation by providing rowboat rentals, courses and tours within the Inner Oslo Fjord. Now Mad Goats is truly able to offer contemporary and historical paddling activities in Bjørvika, suitable for all ages and fitness levels! Find out more under “other activities” on the main menu above.

Corporate Clean ups!

For years Mad Goats has been picking trash out of the waterways around Oslo: Akerselva and Oslo Fjord. This year we thought, why not includes companies in this initiative? – this is how corporate clean ups was born. In a nutshell, we take a company out kayaking or stand up paddling with the intention to pick up plastic from the water and waterside. The amazing thing about this concept is that it is team building, cleaning up the environment and creating a green profile for your company all in one! Find out more under “private events” in the main menu above.