Mad Goats are sociable, adaptable and resilient creatures and, above all, we always have fun on the water! We provide sea kayak, river kayak and and stand up paddleboard (SUP) tours, courses and rentals in and around Oslo.

We are perhaps best known for our guided paddle tour down the Akerselva river, right through the heart of Oslo, but we also run courses for beginners right through to advanced. Few things match the feeling of  freedom you have on the water and we want you to be able experience this for yourself!

All our instructors are certified by the Norwegian Paddle Association and have many years experience teaching paddling and other outdoor activities. We pride ourselves on a high-level of competence in paddle sports, outdoor leadership and safety – as well as making sure you have an awesome time with us out on the water!

It’s all in the name!

What do mad goats have to do with paddling, you wonder? The idea of Mad Goats came about when Tomas was walking up a river (in his home-country, New Zealand) with a kayak on his back. When he heard wild goats bleating up on a mountainside, he started to bleat back. Finally, Tomas was so good at bleating, that the goats answered him! Goats have the qualities we believe are important in the outdoors and for life in general. They are smart, fun, adaptable and tough.

#goatlife is about having a lot of fun and living life to the fullest!

Kayaking allows me to satisfy my curiosity for the natural world, while experiencing epic landscapes and exercising at the same time. While you breathe in a lungful of fresh sea air, your kayak cuts smoothly through the waves, and you lose yourself in a perfect moment – let’s go kayaking!

Tomas HanssonFounder of Mad Goats

Our Mad Goats Tribe!

Dean Mad Goat Guide


Kayak Instructor & Guide


Kayak Instructor & Guide


SUP Guide & Rentals


Head of Sea Kayaking


Founder & Head of River Kayaking


Goat Herder & Rentals

Fjord alliances

Goats are tribe animals – no literally, a group of goats is called “a tribe”. We believe we are stronger together and that co-operation is an important ingredient for success.

True to our tribal goat nature, Mad Goats is working hard to bring all like-minded water users under the same banner. Together we will create a sustainable, accessible and affordable fjord life for all.

Here you will find our fantastic partners. We work with these groups for a variety of reasons: cleaning up plastic and rubbish from the waterways; providing paddling activities to those who need it most; and generally working to combine business with social and environmental responsibility.

After many years working down at the waterfront, we can feel the beginning of a really positive shift, where all parties are starting to collaborate and help one another. We are, of course, much stronger together, and in this age of radical social and environmental turmoil we must stand as one, now more than ever!


Goats don't take the easy path, they take the interesting one.

JemimaGoat Wisdom

Never give up. Never surrender.

TomasGoat Wisdom

Fjord Clean Up

For many years, Mad Goats has been picking plastic and trash out of the waterways around Oslo, particularly in Akerselva and Oslofjord. In fact this is how corporate clean ups and the Fjord Clean Up was born. We take out a group on kayaks and stand up paddleboards to pick up plastic and other rubbish from the water and waterside. The amazing thing about this concept is that it is social, useful and fun all in one!

We still team up every week with our friends and partners GreenBoats and Oslo Badstuforening for weekly fjord clean ups. This is open to everyone to join… and you get a free sauna afterwards to warm up! This initiative has become very popular so you need to sign up in advance at Eventbrite.