Experience Oslo’s Most Popular Tour – The Akerselva Kayak and Packraft Tour!

Embrace “Goat Life” and join the infamous Mad Goat Akerselva River Tour! A kayak tour that takes you through central Oslo, and allows you to see the city from a unique perspective. We have been running the Akerselva River Tour for over 8-years now. In that time having guided many 1000s of Oslo residents and visitors alike. Our Akerselva kayak and packraft tour is suitable for ages 10 years and above and most fitness levels. Are you ready to embark on an urban adventure, paddling under historical bridges and through a tunnel that exits into the beautiful Oslo Fjord? Then, the Akerselva River Tour is for you.

The Akerselva River Tour is a fantastic outdoor activity for the family, team building, utdrikningslag or friend  group. You are also very welcome to come alone and meet new friends. At Mad Goats we are all about inclusivity, having fun in the outdoors. We like to use our body as the engine, and get up close to nature in a non-invasive way. Whether you are an intrepid outdoor adventurer or a hardcore city slicker, you will finish this tour with a huge smile! Now it is time to grab the goat by the horns, and book yourself a spot on Oslo’s most popular kayak tour!


Akerselva River Kayak Tour 

Paddle the Akerselva river in a kayak. Our kayaks are very stable and easy to manoeuvre even if you are an absolute beginner. If you enjoy your kayak tour in Oslo with us, we can recommend joining on one of our guided sea kayak tours on Oslo Fjord or our whitewater kayaking activities in Sjoa.

Akerselva River Packraft Tour 

Paddle the Akerselva River in a packraft! Packrafts are super stable and easy to move around. For this reason a lot of people are becoming interested in packrafting, as they allow you to experience whitewater rivers in a controlled and safe manner. Check out our våttkort packraft courses here if you want to learn how to master this watercraft.

Discovering Akerselva: The Heartbeat of Oslo

Embark on a journey along Akerselva, Oslo’s cherished river. Stretching 8 kilometers, it carves through the city’s core. Once, it fueled Oslo’s industrial mills. Now, it stands as a tranquil escape amidst urban hustle.

Begin at Maridalsvannet, the river’s scenic origin. Wander downstream, witness Oslo’s evolving tale. Ancient factories sit beside modern cafes. They tell stories of yesteryears, blending seamlessly with today’s vibrant life. Overhead, bridges like Ankerbrua hold tales of historic significance, connecting the city’s industrious past to its lively present.

  Seasonal Changes: A Year-round Spectacle

Every season unveils a new Akerselva. Spring blooms, summer greens, autumn hues, and winter’s snow. Each presents a unique spectacle. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts find solace here. The lush riverbanks host diverse flora, fauna.

Venture along the riverside trails, you’ll uncover the soul of Oslo. The tranquility contrasting the city’s lively tempo. Soft lights illuminate the pathways at dusk. They invite romantic strolls under a starlit sky.

Cafes and Memories: Unwinding beside the River

As your journey concludes, stop at a riverside cafe. Sip on warm coffee, reminiscing the day’s discoveries. The Akerselva isn’t merely a river; it’s a living narrative. It merges the calmness of nature with bustling city life.

By exploring Akerselva, you embrace Oslo’s harmonious blend. A blend of history, modernity, and natural charm. Whether a local or a traveler, Akerselva promises a quaint escape. Its story awaits to enchant, offering a unique perspective of Oslo.

Akerselva Kayak Tour History

Over 9 years ago, Tomas Hansson moved to Oslo after working up in Sjoa as a raft guide. Back then no one was running kayak or packraft tours on Akerselva as it had not be thought of….yet! As a kayaker and a raft guide Tomas saw the Akerselva River just as any other river, even though it was running through the heart of a city. What this meant is that like any other river, it could be paddled, but importantly you could also run kayak tours on it. This resulted in Tomas being the first person to found the famous Akerselva Kayak Tour, and since then he has taken 1000’s of happy people down this beautiful river and initiated many river clean ups, cleaning rubbish out of the water and along the river banks. Akerselva is an amazing asset of Oslo, a true gem. And we at Mad Goats hope to keep showing people this amazing river for a very long time.