Oslo Kayak Tour “Fjord City”

Mad Goats welcomes you on our popular Oslo Kayak Tour “Fjord City”, with our fun and goaty guides. On this kayak tour you will explore Oslo’s central promenade, paddling past iconic landmarks, such as the famous Oslo Opera House. 

You do not need any experience to join our “Fjord City” kayak tour but recommend a healthy sense of adventure! This tour is suitable for kids 5 years +, however kids under 13 years must go in a double kayak. We recommend you have a moderate fitness level, and know how to swim, because it can be nice to take a dip in the Oslofjord after the tour.  

 The tour starts from central Oslo in the waterside district of Tjuvholmen, only a short walk from central station. All kayaking gear is included, and we provide a secure place to leave your belongings and get changed. If you are ready for a goat-level kayaking experience, then we look forward to “catch you on the water” soon! 

If you are looking for an authentic Nordic experience after your kayak tour, we can highly recommend trying our floating saunas, which are located beside our kayak base. 


Ready to spice up your life? Oslo Kayak Tours are your ticket to an outrageously awesome adventure!

Get the Party Started!

Strap in and paddle into nature’s rave! Oslo Fjord is the dance floor, and you’re the VIP guest. Glide through those fjord waves like a kayak rockstar. The water’s calling, and it’s saying, “Let’s get this paddling party started!”

No Kayak? No Problem!

Whether you’re a kayak king or a total rookie, Oslo Kayak Tours got your back. Guides are like fairy godparents, but cooler. They’ll turn your “I’ve-never-done-this” into “I’m-the-king-of-the-fjord” in no time. Trust them; they’re the Gandalfs of kayaking.

Nature’s Symphony Unleashed

Picture this: paddling symphony, waves jamming, seagulls riffing, and salty air playing DJ. Oslo Fjord, the ultimate soundcheck! Every stroke is a beat, every wave is a melody. It’s nature’s concert, and you’re front row center. Grab your paddle, it’s time to jam!

Plot Twist: Coastal Treasures

Who needs a treasure map when you have a kayak? Oslo’s coastal nooks and crannies hold secrets only the sea knows. Explore hidden coves, find tucked-away beaches, and stumble upon charming villages like you’re in a real-life pirate adventure. X marks the spot – or, in this case, the next stunning view.

Say Cheese, Fjord Style!

Snap-happy? Oslo Kayak Tours are your Instagram jackpot. Picture-perfect cliffs, crystal waters, and maybe a photobombing seal or two. Your camera’s clicking, your smile’s widening, and your followers? They’re hitting that heart button like there’s no tomorrow. #FjordGoals, anyone?

Recharge with a Foodie Fiesta

After conquering the waves, refuel at seaside spots. Norwegian nosh awaits – a feast fit for a kayaking royalty! Fresh catches, local flavors, and traditional dishes that’ll make your taste buds dance. It’s not just a kayak tour; it’s a culinary escapade. Your stomach’s growling, and Oslo’s saying, “Eat, paddle, repeat!”

Eco-Warriors, Ahoy!

Oslo Kayak Tours aren’t just cool; they’re eco-warriors. Leave only ripples, take only memories. High-five, Captain Planet! Every paddle stroke is a love letter to Mother Earth. You’re not just exploring; you’re preserving. It’s like being a superhero but with a kayak instead of a cape.

Final Bow: Fjord Funtastic!

Oslo Kayak Tours are not just a tour; they’re an experience. Ready for adventure? Oslo Fjord’s calling, and it’s saying, “Let’s party!” 🚣‍♂️✨ So, strap on that life jacket, grab your paddle, and dive into the fjord fun. Oslo’s waiting to be explored, one kayak adventure at a time. It’s not just awesome; it’s fjord-tastic! 🌊🎉