General information

1. We follow strict HMS routines, however, be aware that there is always a small level of risk when operating in the natural world.
2. Safety instructions will be given at the beginning of each course / trip. If instructions are not followed, Mad Goats AS, or our instructors cannot be held responsible for any bodily injury or loss / damage to a persons equipment.
3. Our instructors are trained in first aid and rescue on the water, and always carry first aid and rescue equipment, and a phone.
4. We reserve the right to change these terms.
5. All participants must be capable swimmers, or if a child, be under the supervision of a caregiver.
6. We reserve the right to refuse participation if the person is intoxicated or otherwise unable to sit safely in a kayak.
7. When booking a course or tour, we assume that the terms have been read and understood.
8. Valuables can be locked away at our activity bases or in Mad Goats AS’s Akerselva kayak tour vehicle.
9. Kayaking is a water sport and you might get wet. For this reason, alway have a spare change of clothes with you.
10. During our kayak and SUP paddling activities, pictures of the participants may be taken during the course or tour. These images can be used in Mad Goats AS’s publications and website, or in other media related to Mad Goats AS’s activities. If you want access to the photos taken on your course / tour, you must receive them directly after the activity from the tour guide or kayak instructor.
11. Kids can use the sauna, but must at all times be under the supervision of their caregivers.

Participants health – Sauna, Kayak, SUP and Packrafting

1. Although our kayak and packraft courses and tours are not very demanding, we recommend that you are in moderate physical shape to participate.
2. Inform the instructor if you have any physical ailments that may effect your ability to participate.
3. Our kayak and packraft courses and tours will be adapted to the participants. It is important that everyone follows the pace set by the instructor.
4. You do not need a high level of fitness to use our sauna but if you have underlying heart problems we recommend not diving head first into the cold water straight after coming out of the sauna. Sauna is not suitable for heavily pregnant woman.

terms – Akerselva Kayak and Packraft Tour 

1. Our kayaks are designed for people between 40kg-120kg.
2. Age limit is 10 years. Persons under the age of 18 must have signed approval from parents / guardians.
3. We do not offer wetsuits on this tour. Wear a rain jacket, waterproof pants and wear shoes that can withstand getting wet, and otherwise dress according to the conditions and make sure to bring a spare change of clothes in the unlikely event you tip over and fall out of your kayak and into the water.

Terms – Fjord City Kayak Tour

1. Our kayaks are designed for people between 40kg-120kg.
2. Persons under the age of 18 must have signed by parents / guardians. persons under 13 years old must paddle in a double kayak with an adult. Persons from the age of 15-18 can participate on their own with the signature of parents / guardians.
3. We do not offer wetsuits on this tour. Wear a rain jacket, waterproof pants and wear shoes that can withstand getting wet, and otherwise dress according to the conditions and make sure to bring a spare change of clothes in the unlikely event you tip over and fall out of your kayak and into the water.

Terms – Våttkort Kayak Courses

1. Our kayaks are designed for persons 40kg-120kg.
2. We have an age limit of 13 years for our kayak courses. Persons under the age of 18 must have signed permission from parents / guardians.
3. Loan of necessary clothing and kayaking equipment is included in the price. This does not apply to private courses / private lessons.
4. We run the kayak courses in all weather conditions unless this will put the kayak course participants in danger.

terms – Private bookings

1. The price is based on the total number of people attending. In the event of major change in the participants, this will in some cases give a different price.
2. The course / tours price is payable 14 days after confirmation of booking. The confirmation of booking means that we reserve the time and date for your activity, making in unavailable to be booked by other groups. You have the option to pay a 25% deposit or the full amount. Note, that the full amount must be paid no less the 31 days before the activity start.
3. Cancellation of private booking more than 30 days before the event, refunds 75% of the payment.
4. In the event of cancellation less than 30 days before the event or failing to attend, no refund will be given.
6. In case of illness / injury that can be confirmed by a doctor for a registered person, we will refund the value of the order for the current person at any time.
7. In case of reducing or adding the number of participants, this must be done 15 days before the event. Be aware, if your numbers increase to a number where the price changes per person, you will still be charged the same price as first agreed upon.

Terms – Subscriptions / MEMBERSHIPS

Your membership give access to Mad Goats facilities and services. You will receive access once the subscription and booking system is synced, typically within a workday. The subscription is facilitated through Vipps and can at any time be cancelled by going to the Vipps app and selecting “Faste Betalinger”. Once any subsequent payments are completed you will continuously maintain access to the facilities and services. You have 14 days right of withdrawal and may contact us at “” for refunds

Terms – Booking and payment Public Bookings 

1. The sauna, kayak tour, course or rental is confirmed when booked and paid for. All activities must be paid in advance, no exceptions.
2. Our activities must always be paid for in advance; before the course / tour date. If not, we will not run the activity.
3. Once sauna or kayak course, tour or rental is confirmed by email, our cancellation policy applies.

Terms – Cancellation for Public Bookings

If cancelled before the start of the course, tour or rental, the following applies:
1. Cancellation up to 14 days before activities start: 100% of the payment will be refunded.
2. Cancellation up to 7 days before activities start: 50% of the payment will be refunded.
3. Cancellation later than 7 days before activities start: The payment will not be refunded.
5. Make sure you arrive on time. In the case of late attendance, the course/tour may have begun.
6. Cancellation or rebooking must be made writing via e-mail.
7. In case of illness, you will be offered a new date for the course/trip. This requires you to show sick leave.

Cancellation of Kayak course, trip Or Rental 

1. Mad Goats AS can move / cancel the activity for reasons, such as difficult weather conditions, too few participants or illness. You will then be offered the chance to move the tour / course to another date.
2. If there are less than 4 people enrolled in a course, the course can be moved. You will be offered a new course or a refund.
3. In the case of cancellation, the participants do not have a claim for compensation, in addition to the course, tour or rental fee. We recommend our customers to have their own travel insurance.

Terms – OuR Floating Saunas in Moss and Oslo on Oslofjord

By making a booking customers (you) agree to the house rules as stated here:
1. You will be changed and ready to vacate the sauna and changing room by the end time of your booking.
2. Please be mindful if you have booked a spot in a public sauna session. We expect ALL users to be respectful of other users. Please ask if using oils or water on the oven, playing music, and remember to keep the noise to a minimum.
3. You must remove all rubbish and leave the sauna tidy for the next customers. If you leave rubbish in the sauna, or if the sauna is not ready for the next customers at their start time, you understand that you may be charged a cleaning fee of 1000 NOK.
4. You understand that you are responsible for your own safety and will not be drunk or under the influence of drugs whilst on the premises or using the sauna. A maximum of three alcoholic drinks per person at our saunas. You will not take food or red wine inside the sauna or spit your snus out on the floor or in the fjord.
5. You must wear swimwear at all times whilst using the sauna and swimming in the fjord and you will not perform sexual acts in the sauna.
6. You understand that any behaviour that could damage the company’s reputation such as sex, violence and drugs will not be tolerated and you understand that legal charges could be brought against any person or persons doing so.
7. Any unauthorised use during a booking that is not paid for, will be dealt with as theft of service. You must have a valid booking receipt if asked.
8. You understand that if we do not respect the house rules we could be immediately expelled without compensation and banned from future visits.

Terms – Third-party Experience resellers / booking sites. E.g. cruise ships, travel companies, Trip Advisor, Get Your Guide or similar organisations.

1. Full refund if cancelled more than 48hrs in advance. No refund if cancelled less than 48hrs in advance