Private Events in Oslo and Sjoa with Mad Goats

Mad Goats can facilitate private events in Oslo for up to 50 participants on our famous Akerselva River Kayak and Packraft Tour, or for groups up to 30 on our Oslo Fjord Kayak Tours. We also teach the Våttkort Kayak Courses and provide Stand-up Paddle-board (SUP) Rental, Tours, and Courses. We offer Pack-rafting on Akerselva, and can organise packraft trips for up to 20 people. We have capacity for up to 35 people at our Floating Saunas in Tjuvholmen, central Oslo – a perfect experience combined with all our paddling adventures! Mad Goats has been organising private events in Oslo for over 9 years, and were the first company to start guiding kayak tours down Akerselva. We have vaste  experience with both team-building events and bachelor (utdrikningslag) parties in Oslo. Mad Goats is well known in Oslo for providing awesome experiences on the water – let us show you why!

We can organise private events ranging in duration from 1.5 hours to several days, whether you are looking for a weekend with whitewater kayaking, pack-rafting and sauna up in Sjoa, or a multi-day guided kayak tour or rental on Oslo Fjord. Whatever you are looking for, get in touch with the Goats, and we’ll create a custom experience for your group.

Please get in touch using the contact form below and we will get back to you ASAP! 

Private Booking Enquiry Form
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If you are not sure which experience is most suitable for your group, please let us know your preferred location and any other info in the comments box and we can make some recommendations.


5 or less participants: 1299 NOK per person

– 6 to 10 participants: 1199 NOK per person

– 11 to 20 participants: 1099NOK  per person

– 21 to 30 participants: 999 NOK per person

– 30 or more participants: 899 NOK per person

* These price examples are for 1.5 – 2 hour activities such as our Akerselva River Kayak & Packraft Tour (1.5hrs) or Oslo Kayak Tour “Fjord City” (2hrs). Our 3 hour and 2-day Våttkort Kayak Courses are priced differently as well as our longer Oslo Kayak Tours out to the Oslo Fjord Islands (Gressholmen, Langøyene, etc) – Get in touch for more info! 🙂


Your safety is very important to us. We want you to have lots of fun, but we need to do our best to ensure safety for all participants. So please follow our guidelines below. We know team building and utdrikningslag events are all about having fun, but we still have to keep you safe!

For your safety, if you are planning on drinking alcohol, we recommend paddling to be one of your first activities of the day. We know that team building and utdrikningslag events are all about celebrating so if you do drink beforehand, we please ask you to have no more than 2 or 3 beers, otherwise it can cause safety issues.

Dress appropriately for the weather on the day. Fancy dress is welcome, but a spare change of clothes and towel is recommended just in case you do get wet! Feel free to bring everything you need with you for the day, and we can store/transport it.

Remember to always listen to your guide or instructor. They are trained in safety on the water, rescue & lifesaving. They will show you an awesome time and take care of you if you follow their instructions.


If you know which activity you would like and the date and time, please use the contact from and we will get back to you within 48hrs. If it is an urgent request then free to call us on +47 400 80 400

Note, that to secure the date and time, we need pre-payment, so we suggest you book for the minimum number of people you expect, and you can always add more people nearer the time (subject to availability but usually not an issue) – please read our terms and conditions before booking an activity with us. Price per person is based on the size of the group and becomes less the larger the group. As you add more people we automatically adjust. Please note that the limits of group size will vary from activity. We look forward to helping you with your team building, utdrikningslag or celebratory event!

The Power of Outdoor Team-Building: Beyond Bowling and Bars

In the realm of team cohesion, outdoor activities stand as a formidable catalyst for forging bonds and fostering camaraderie. Venturing beyond the confines of the office, teams immerse themselves in a shared experience that transcends the routine.

Breaking Comfort Zones, Building Trust

The magic lies in the combination of pushing boundaries collectively, acquiring new skills, and placing trust in one another. Whether scaling a rock wall, navigating a river, or conquering a ropes course, teams are thrust into situations where collaboration is paramount—creating a crucible for mutual trust and understanding. We hope to see your group soon for some Team Building in Oslo!

Investing in Camaraderie

Team building is an investment that pays dividends. The shared challenges and triumphs outdoors adventures provide create lasting memories, strengthening the fabric of the team. As colleagues navigate unfamiliar terrain together, they weave a tapestry of shared experiences that transcends the day-to-day tasks.

Beyond Bowling and Bars

While the allure of bowling alleys and bars has its place, outdoor activities offer a dynamic alternative. The physical and mental engagement required fosters a sense of achievement, providing a more profound connection than the clatter of bowling pins or the clinking of glasses. In the great outdoors, teams discover the thrill of shared accomplishment and the resilience born from facing challenges head-on – like a goat!

In conclusion, the investment in outdoor team-building activities is unparalleled. It is a strategic move that not only strengthens professional relationships but also nurtures a sense of unity that reverberates in the workplace. When considering team-building options, remember: the outdoors beckon with transformative experiences, leaving a lasting imprint that far surpasses the fleeting moments of traditional alternatives.