Price: Kr 249,- per person per day.

Opening hours: Daylight hours, Monday to Sunday. Book a time online.

Location: Kayak Raft, Langkaia (opposite Opera House), Oslo

Includes: Kayak, paddle, lifejacket and spray skirt.


  • All participants must have a våttkort.
  • Please return kayaks before dark. If you would like to go on an overnight trip please book the days required and email in advance.
  • Children (minimum 14 years) must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

In the winter:

  • You must always go out with a buddy. Do not paddle alone.
  • You must wear a drysuit. (If you do not have one we suggest Winter Kayak Rental from our base in Aker Brygge where drysuits are included.)

Other info:

  • Once you have booked you will be emailed instructions including a code for the kit box.
  • There are no changing facilities.
  • Wear clothing appropriate to weather conditions. Take water, sunscreen, waterproofs as necessary.
  • We suggest putting your belongings in a dry bag.
  • Please take all rubbish away.
  • Please text Jemima on +47 400 80 440 on your return so we know you have got back safely 🙂
Kayak raft