Price: Kr 249,- per person. Includes kayak, paddle, life vest and spray skirt. It is possible to book multiple sessions for overnight trips, subject to availability.

Duration: Pick up and return at any time during your session but please return before dark. If you would like to go on an overnight trip please book the days required and email in advance.


  • Goat Raft, Langkaia (opposite Opera House) – Google Maps
  • Capricorn Raft, Bispevika (next to Munch Museuem) – Google Maps


  • All renters must have a våttkort.
  • In the winter (when water temp below 12 degrees) you must bring your own drysuit.
  • Unless you are an experienced paddler and know how to do the self-rescue, we recommend you do not paddle alone.
  • Please check the weather before departure. If the wind speed is above 5 m/s we are happy to give you a voucher to book another day. Jut email your booking reference to
  • Children (minimum 13 years) must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

Other info:

  • Once you have booked you will be emailed instructions including a code for the kit box.
  • There are no changing facilities.
  • Wear clothing appropriate to weather conditions. Take water, sunscreen, waterproofs as necessary.
  • We suggest putting your belongings in a dry bag.
  • Please take all rubbish away.
  • Please text Jemima on +47 400 80 440 on your return so we know you have got back safely 🙂
Kayak raft
couple kayaking in lofoten