Top 3 team building and utdrikningslag activities in Oslo

Team building in Oslo just goat levelled up!

Mad Goats are known to have the secret key ingredients to fire up your team, get them working together and hell, maybe even like one another at the end of it!

Here are our top 3 team building activities in Oslo

Kayaking, sauna, and stand-up paddling are all great team-building activities that can be enjoyed in Oslo. These activities are perfect for groups looking to bond and have fun while also getting a bit of exercise. They are also ideal for “Utdrikningslag aktiviteter” or Bachelor party activities (Team building aktiviteter) in Oslo.

1. Kayaking in Oslo

Kayaking is a great team-building activity because it requires communication and cooperation among team members. Paddling together in the same direction will help to build trust and cohesion among team members. It also allows team members to explore the beautiful Oslo fjord while getting a bit of exercise – if this sounds awesome, then you can book your kayaking team building event here!


2. Sauna in Oslo

Sauna, on the other hand, is a great way to relax and bond with team members after a long day of activities. Sauna is an integral part of Norwegian culture, and the experience of enjoying a sauna together will help to create a sense of camaraderie among team members – sounds freaking epic?! If yes, you can book and find more info about saunas and ice bathing for team building in Oslo here!

3. Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Oslo

Stand-up paddling is another great team-building activity that can be enjoyed in Oslo. This activity requires balance and coordination, and team members will need to work together to stay upright and make progress. It is also a great way to explore the beautiful Oslo fjord and get a bit of exercise – more about stand up paddling in Oslo here. 


Now you know the best team building activities in Oslo! <3

In conclusion, kayaking, sauna, and stand-up paddling are all great team-building activities that can be enjoyed in Oslo. They are also perfect for “Utdrikningslag aktiviteter” or Bachelor party activities and “Team building aktiviteter” in Oslo. These activities are a great way to bond, have fun, and get a bit of exercise while exploring the beautiful Oslo fjord. If you are looking for “Team building Oslo” or “Utdrikningslag Oslo” activities, consider trying one of these outdoor activities.

Maaaaaaeeeeeehhhh!!!!! CATCH YOU ON THE WATER!

Ps, If you are company looking for a way to help the environment we would recommend getting in touch with Fjord CleanUP. They can provide clean up team building events where you go clean rubbish out of the Oslofjord by freediving, kayaking and walking – find out more about Fjord CleanUP here!

Book now Our most popular activities

Oslo Fjord Kayak Tour – Bygdøy

Summer sea kayaking tour (kajakktur) around the beautiful Bygdøy Peninsula, where we stop at the famous Huk Beach for a swim, toilet break and to stretch our legs. The tour starts and ends at Sollerudstranda in Lysaker. Suitable for beginners. All equipment provided. We can also arrange this paddling tour (padletur) as a private tour (privat tur). Our Oslo kayak tours are a wonderful way to explore Oslofjord (Oslofjorden) while staying active and getting close to nature.

Private Sauna Rental – Jeløy, Moss

Self-service floating sauna on the central Moss waterfront. Our sauna sessions are 2hrs during weekdays and 2.5hrs in the weekends. Hiring a floating sauna is an awesome activity for team building or any type of celebration, whether that is for teambuilding, an utdrikningslag or a birthday. There is nothing more thrilling and refreshing that jumping into the fjord, followed by warming up after in a beautiful nordic sauna!

Public Sauna Sessions – Bjørvika, Oslo

Oslo Fjord Sauna is a community-based sauna that works on trust, respect and kindness. Sauna users are emailed self-service instructions after completing the booking process, and are then trusted to leave the sauna clean and tidy for the next person. Please remember to bring enough water, a towel to sit on in the sauna and one to dry yourself, and a kind and peaceful attitude.

16hr Våttkort Basic Course in Sea Kayaking – Overnight – Lysaker

Overnight NPF Våttkort basic course (Grunnkurs i havkajakk) on Oslo Fjord. This is a beginner kayak course that runs over two-days, which includes camping overnight on an island on Inner Oslofjord. We also run the same course without the camping element if this suits you better - check out “basic course 2x days - Lysaker”. Private basic courses (Grunnkurs Havkajakk) on request.

Private 3hr våttkort Introduction Course to Sea Kayaking – Lysaker

3-hr private NPF Våttkort ”Introkurs i havkajakk” from Lysaker, Oslo. Join us on the water with our fun and experienced instructors and learn the basic sea kayaking skills. Bring your work colleagues on an experience they will love and find very rewarding! Once you get your våttkort you can rent kayaks from us from our locations along the Oslo waterfront. If you are looking for a longer course then we recommend you join our 2-day basic course (Grunnkurs i Havkajakk). Ideal activity for team building in Oslo.

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