The History of the Akerselva River in Oslo 

The Akerselva River is a river located in the eastern part of Norway, flowing through the city of Oslo. The Akerselva river has a rich history dating back to the Viking era when it was used as a source of power for mills and sawmills. During the industrial revolution in the 19th century, the river was heavily polluted by the factories that lined its banks. Even further back the vikings used to row their longships up the Akerselva river – nowadays it is much too shallow for that! 

The state of The Akerselva River today

In recent years, efforts have been made to clean up the river and restore its natural beauty. Much volunteer work is involved, by organisations such as Fjord CleanUP and Rusken Oslo. One notable achievement has been the construction of a tunnel that runs underneath the Oslo central station, which allows the river to flow freely (separating the river from the heavy urban traffic) out into Bjørvika and the Oslo Fjord. 

Check out this short video of Mad Goats and Fjord CleanUP cleaning up the Akersleva River on SUPs and kayaks – feel free to join us!

Culture, recreation and city life along the Akerselva River

The Akerselva river runs through the city of Oslo, and along its banks, there are many historic buildings and landmarks. One of the most notable is the Aker Brygge, a former shipyard that has been converted into a popular shopping, dining, and entertainment area. The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, which houses a collection of contemporary art, is also located along the river. Other historic buildings along the river include the Oslo City Museum, which chronicles the history of the city, and the Fossum Power Station, which was built in the early 20th century and is now a cultural center. Finally the Munch Museum along with an impressive art installation on the river bank by Tracey Emin in 2022.

The Akerselva River is also a popular spot for recreational activities such as fishing, kayaking, and hiking. The Akerselva Trail, which runs along the river, offers scenic views and is a popular spot for walking and cycling. The river is also home to a variety of fish species, including trout and salmon, making it a popular spot for fishing. The river also serves as an important source of drinking water for the city of Oslo.

Akerselva is one of Oslos most beautiful and under-appreciated landmarks – its an urban gem!

Overall, The Akerselva River has a rich history and is an important part of the city of Oslo. The river is home to many historic buildings and landmarks, as well as recreational activities like kayak and walking tours. Maridalsvann, the source lake of Akerselva also serves as an important source of drinking water for the city. 

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Akerselvas bright future!!

After many years of bitter controversy and political battling, the mouth of The Akersleva River, where it flows out into Oslo fjord has been designated to be a public park. This park will be built where Sukkerbiten is located. The alternative was going to be the construction of a photo house, which would just mean more construction and more places where you have to pay to use. We at Mad Goats believe that it is only right that The Akerselva River starts it journey in the lush forests up at Maridalsvann and finishes the same in Bjørvika as it flows into the Oslofjord. So thank you to Sukkerbitens Venner and Oslobadstuforening for fighting to make this a reality!