Guided whitewater kayak tours on the Sjoa, Otta and Lågen Rivers

Mad Goats can guide you down the 3 main whitewater rivers in the Sjoa and Heidal area - The Otta, Lågen and Sjoa. These rivers grade in difficulty from 1 to 3 so we can easily find the right fit for you! If you are wanting to be guided down Åsengjuvet or the Åmot sections we can arrange this but you will need to show a high level of competence first on the Sjoa play run section (Sjoa Normal) - catch you on the water!!

Do you also need accommodation? We offer basic overnight facilities that include use of our communal kitchen, outdoor shower (hot water). The lodging options are tenting, hammock, camper van or simple cabin. More info here about accommodation with is in Sjoa. Alternatively you can reach out to Go Rafting Sjoa or Explore Sjoa, as they have a lot space and options,

Tours are available every weekend throughout the summer. Private tours on request.