Experience Our Floating Saunas on Oslo Fjord!

Sauna life on Oslo Fjord, a truly authentic Nordic experience! A trend that has taken Oslo by storm over the past years! The reason saunas have become so hot lately is that science has started to discover why this ancient practice is so good for you. This has resulted in regular sauna use becoming an important part of a healthy lifestyle (read more about the health benefits of sauna and ice bathing here). Booking our Saunas on Oslo Fjord is an exhilarating way to experience life in Oslo at its best, no matter the time of year. You can book our saunas on Oslo Fjord privately, or join a public sauna session and meet new people. We also offer sauna memberships for regular users! At Mad Goats Sauna we create a friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere, where the currency is kindness and where health is wealth!



Tjuvholmen, Oslo

Located in central Oslo with a spectacular view out onto the Oslo Fjord. Sit back, relax, and enjoy nordic sauna culture on the Oslofjord. If you are a regular sauna user you can get a membership here.

Jeløya, Moss

In the city of Moss, you get to experience our beautiful sauna “Freya” located on Jeløy. If you are a regular sauna user you can get a sauna membership here. 

Why Saunas on Oslo Fjord Have Become So Popular?

Imagine yourself basking in the gentle warmth of a traditional sauna, your skin tingling with vitality, and your senses engulfed in a mix of sweet wooden aroma and crisp Nordic air. Now, visualize this setting not in a confined spa room but against the stunning backdrop of Oslo Fjord – the gleaming stretch of water, dotted with picturesque islands and surrounded by rolling hills. This is not just any wellness fantasy, but a trending reality. Welcome to the world of Saunas on Oslo Fjord, where luxury meets nature, and relaxation is redefined.

A Scandinavian dream-come-true

Sauna life on Oslo Fjord is not just about breathtaking views and an unforgettable sauna experience. It also packs a punch in terms of health benefits, some of which are even backed by groundbreaking scientific studies. One of the most compelling pieces of evidence comes from a renowned study conducted by Harvard, set against the sauna-rich backdrop of Finland. The findings? Regular sauna use can slash mortality rates by a staggering 40%! That’s right, this isn’t just about soothing your muscles or having a serene moment; it’s literally about adding years to your life.

What are the health benefits of regular sauna use?

You might be wondering: what’s the magic behind these steamy rooms? The answer lies in the simple yet potent combination of heat and relaxation. When you step into a sauna, your heart rate increases, and blood vessels dilate. This improves circulation, ensuring that every part of your body receives a generous supply of oxygen-rich blood. The result? A detoxified system, rejuvenated skin, reduced muscle tension, and a significant boost to your cardiovascular health..

Floating saunas is a must-do when visit Oslo!

So, the next time you’re dreaming of an escape, remember there’s a place where the embrace of warmth meets the caress of cool Nordic winds. Where health meets scenic beauty. And where each sauna session could very well be adding more moments, more memories, and more years to your life. The Saunas on Oslo Fjord are not just a fad; they’re a blend of tradition, luxury, and nature, offering an experience that beckons to both wellness enthusiasts and those seeking an unparalleled Nordic adventure. Don’t just read about it; dive into this warmth and watch the ripples of health and happiness expand in your life. Sauna today, for a brighter, healthier tomorrow!