Five reasons to get your våttkort kayaking licence in Norway

introkurs hav våttkort kajakkurs bispevika

Here are the five reasons why you should get your våttkort kayak licence – especially if you are living in Norway, or want to kayak when visiting Norway.

What is a våttkkort course?

The våttkort is a kayaking certificate that shows you have at least passed a basic kayaking course of up to 3hrs. This basic course is called the “Introkurs Hav”, which translates to “Introduction course in sea kayaking”.

What will you learn on our våttkort kayak course?

During the våttkort course you will learn all the basics. This will include paddle strokes, safety protocols, kayaking equipment, and performing rescues. Learning the rescue will entail you rescuing one another. You will get wet, hence the name “våttkort”, which is translates to “wet card”! If you are on a Mad Goat course, you will also be given the opportunity to try the self-rescue. If you have a Mad Goats instructor they will show you the kayak roll – we recommend your take the 2-day Grunnkurs if you want to actually learn this techniques.  Once you get your våttkort, the Oslo Fjord islands are yours to explore on a hot sunny day or in the middle of winter. You can now take your friends out kayaking, as only one person in the group needs their våttkort when renting from us! 

Collage of people learning how to kayaking in Oslo Norway

Five reasons why you should get your våttkort licence


Once you get your våttkort licence you can rent kayaks from rental providers all around Norway!  


If you live in Oslo, once you get your våttkort licence you have just have unlocked the wonderful Oslo Fjord. You can now spend summers exploring the beautiful islands around Oslo with friends and family. 


The våttkort introkurs is just the start. Once you have completed this first step you can now level up and attend the higher level courses such Grunnkurs Hav and Teknikkurs Hav – there is no limit to how good you can get! More about the våttkort levels here.


You can show it off to all your friends! Once completed the våttkort courses, you will be awarded a card with your name and even a sticker – yes, back to the happy days of kindergarten! 


Once you have completed your våttkort sea kayaking course, you might have a nagging feeling that something is missing in your life…yes, that thing is whitewater kayaking! Lucky for you, there are also våttkort courses for river kayaking in Norway too (elvepadling). We at Mad Goats run both the våttkort Introkurs elv and Grunnkurs elv up at our kayak base in Sjoa, Heidal – come up for visit you will never forget! 

Check out this playlist to watch all of the hard skills you will learn during our NPF våttkort courses.

Book now Our most popular activities

Private Oslo Fjord Tour from Lysaker

A kayaking activity well suited for team building or an utdrikningslag, conveniently located in Lysaker, Sollerudstranda. We start the tours on the Sollerudstranda beach, learn the basic kayak skills and then paddle out towards the Bygdøy peninsula and Huk Stranda or we head towards Fornebu - up to you! The kayak trip is usually 3 hours but can be shortened or extended to meet your needs and time schedule. We have a kayak base in Lysaker, where there is room to store your belongings and park your cars.

Guided whitewater kayak tours on the Sjoa, Otta and Lågen Rivers

Mad Goats can guide you down the 3 main whitewater rivers in the Sjoa and Heidal area - The Otta, Lågen and Sjoa. These rivers grade in difficulty from 1 to 3 so we can easily find the right fit for you! If you are wanting to be guided down Åsengjuvet or the Åmot sections we can arrange this but you will need to show a high level of competence first on the Sjoa play run section (Sjoa Normal) - catch you on the water!!

3hr Våttkort Introduction to Sea Kayaking Course – Lysaker

3-hr NPF Våttkort ”Introkurs i havkajakk” from Lysaker, Oslo. Join us on the water with our fun and experienced instructors and learn the basic sea kayaking skills. Bring your friends or come meet new ones! Once you get your våttkort you can rent kayaks from us from our locations along the Oslo waterfront. This kayak course (kajakk kurs) can also be booked for private groups and bought as a gift card. If you are looking for a longer course then we recommend you join our 2-day basic course (Grunnkurs i Havkajakk) - catch you on the water!

Public Sauna Session – Moss

Self-service floating sauna on the Moss waterfront. We are opening in the start of February 2023. Sauna sessions are 2hrs during weekdays and 2.5hrs in the weekends. Public sauna sessions are great places to either relax, hang with friends or meet new ones. Regular sauna use and ice bathing has been scientifically proven to be very good for your health, increase your energy levels and improve your sense of wellbeing. We hope to see you in the sauna soon!

Våttkort Basic Course in River Kayaking – Sjoa, Norway

NPF 2-day basic våttkort course in whitewater kayaking in the famous Sjoa valley. This is a beginner kayaking course so you do not need to have kayaked before to join. This the Norges Padleforbud “Våttkort Grunnkurs i elvepadling / elvekajakk) and you will be awarded you Grunnkurs Elv våttkort after completion. On this course you will have the opportunity to learn the kayak roll (kajakkrulle) with is a must when learning how to river kayak - it is not fun swimming down all the whitewater rapids. We have accommodation (overnatting) options if you need a place to stay overnight in Sjoa.

Oslo Fjord Kayak Tour – Bygdøy

Summer sea kayaking tour (kajakktur) around the beautiful Bygdøy Peninsula, where we stop at the famous Huk Beach for a swim, toilet break and to stretch our legs. The tour starts and ends at Sollerudstranda in Lysaker. Suitable for beginners. All equipment provided. We can also arrange this paddling tour (padletur) as a private tour (privat tur). Our Oslo kayak tours are a wonderful way to explore Oslofjord (Oslofjorden) while staying active and getting close to nature.

Winter Kayak Tour to Huk Strand

Public sea kayak tours for all levels every Saturday from Lysaker. During winter, the sunsets are that much richer in color and the fjord is still and quiet, without the roar of boat traffic - it is an incredibly beautiful time to kayak on Oslo Fjord. Drysuits and all gear provided by us.

Accommodation Options at Mad Goats Sjoa – Heidal Valley

Camping spots (telte / campingplasser) and simple cabins for overnight (overnatting) accommodation while on your kayak course or tour in Sjoa. Enjoy the beautiful forest views and the sound of birds singing beside the Sjoa river. We also have a sauna and hot tub that you are welcome to use when staying with us in Sjoa, Heidal.

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