Learn how to roll a kayak with our free PDF guide and videos

Learn the kayak roll

A party trick as well as a safety procedure – not a bad combo, right? Just how simple is an kayak roll, you ask? Some are able to roll after one lesson but most people need more practice in the kayak before they can master it. Either way, once you learn the kayak roll, you will be hooked and won’t look back!

If you are keen to become a safer and more skilled paddler then mastering how to do a kayak roll (also known as an kajakkrull) should be on your bucket list, especially for those wanting to progress their river kayaking. We believe at Mad Goats that rolling an kayak is huge part of kayaking whether you are paddling waterfalls, sea kayaking or just kayaking on a gentle lake. No only is it an incredibly fun and rewarding challenge, it is also active meditation. Learn the kayak roll and you can finally say you are a kayaker, and a safe and responsible one at that. Plus, once you learn the kayak roll you can teach others and spread the joy – that is goat life!

What courses do we teach the kayak roll on?

You will have the opportunity to learn the kayak roll on our 2-day sea kayaking course in Oslo. This is a beginner våttkort course that requires no previous kayak experience to join – find out more here

We also teach the kayak roll on our 2-day whitewater kayaking course up in Sjoa. Learning to roll is must for all kayakers but especially so for river kayakers. It gets pretty exhausting swimming down all the rapids. This is all a beginner våttkort course and requires no prior kayak experience to join – find out more here

Fun fact: you can go straight to our Grunnkurs Elv or Grunnkurs Hav våttkort course and skip the 3hr Introkurs if you want. You do not need to do the Introkurs first. However, the Introkurs våttkort course is enough to be able to rent a kayak from us – find out more here about kayak rental 

Playlist of our rolling video tutorials

Learn to Kayak Roll PDF Guide

Download our  free comprehensive guide to learning the kayak roll (5MB, pdf)

We hope you find these resources helpful in mastering the techniques of kayak rolling and they help to keep you safe on the water!

Kayak courses in Norway

Our instructors specialise in teaching the kayak roll and ensure that you feel safe and secure. We think that learning to roll is helpful for anyone wanting to progress their kayaking so we include instruction and tips as part of our Foundation Courses. Sign up for one of our “grunnkurs” and learn how to kayak roll like a pro!

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